Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hi all ,

today is the 11th day of the blessed Ramadan , the month of Quraan and prayer ,

you can read more about it in

we fast from sunrise to sunset ,about 15 hours . it is not easy for the persons who has no faith in his heart

all muslims should love and respect this month, the month of mercy ,the month of gifts from Allah to his adorers.

I ask allah to help all muslims in the fasting and prayers in this blessed month .

I with & my sister used to make al Fotor instead of my mom who is come back from tha work tierd ,so me an my sister help each other to make a good Fotor .

This is the 1 st Ramadan we are spending without my father who is in the France now with my uncle to train about the new thing in the Peadiatric surgery ,and with out my brother who is now a resident doctor in the hospital,and he comes from the hospital each 2 or 3 days to sleep one a day in the home and then come back


before two days at about 5:45pm ,a bomb heard in the main street of our neighbour , it was really srtong , and then shoting began ,my brother was in the street washing the car , when I heard it ,I run to the main door of our house to see my brother , he was running in a hurry to enter the house he told me that the bomb was in the main street , then at about 3:00am the time of al sohor , the I raqi soldiers came to cheak the houses ,and the looked that they were looking for some one or some thing ... I don't know . but we were nervous , because no one have the right to enter your house and at that time !!!
in the next two day they also came to cheak the house and in the same time , I dont know to when , our houses will still open for strange peaple !!! what do they think ? the one who made the bomb will come to our house to hide in our house ?? I don't know how they think !!



Jan said...

Hi dr. Human,
It's good to hear you're fine.
I hope you;re able to study. Hopefully you're in contact with your friend? HNK too. Because in these times you need one and another.

Take care,

Dr.Human said...

Thanks for comment .
Yes I am in contact with HNK .
Thanks again