Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mobile phone ,and litttle talking !!

Salam all,
how are you?hope all fine ..
before two weeks the English teacher asked us to write a pargraph about anythng we want ,so I wrote about the mobile phone

During the last 10 – 15 years , a new adventure in the Phone or communication system , were created . In the past , Graham Bell invented the Phone for communication before 150 years , and then remained for several decades . With control switch board and a lot of wires communication . But now the Mobile system does not need wires and it can be connected through Settlat or Receiver at tower . The advantage of this Mobile Phone , you can take it any where and it is manufactured in small size and it can identify the one who call you by showing his Telephone number .
The generation of this system that it has camera and it has the capacity of putting music or in formation or files or even dictionary or holy Quran .
The Mobile system is used in Iraq only for last 2 years and it has the advantage of telling our family or parents when something happens or when we are outside home or when there any delay to go back Home or when there is block of the road . At the beginning the Mobile Phone was very expensive it may cost more than 300,000 Dinar , but now it’s cheap and every body can get one and now a days even young children are delighted to get one and they communicate each other . The disadvantage : it is costing if it is used too much for chatting for several hours . Because each minute costs 50 times the price of ordinary Phone and we should not give our Telephone NO. to every body because of misuses of it . The funny thing of this adventure is the Mobile names , they named it funny names like : Bear , Baby , Buzzard , Tear , Sole , Fox , Taxi , Butterfly and Hammer . They named it with these names and they didn’t name it is with the company that made it, in order to sell more and more ….

when I began to read it ,I began to trembling I don't know why,but my teacher told us that all pargraphs was nice but the best one was Hnk's,it was realy nice.

I began my holiday today,today we made a party at school to finish this year, I will not do the final exams because all my marks over 90 .
but this summer holiday not like the last one ,I 'll spend it with studying for the 6th grade ,I'll study all the subject,so may be I'll not have the time to write to you ,but you can ask hnk about me,because I'll see her every day . you can write to me comments ,I'll try my best to have the time to read them..