Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sure you forget me .!!

Dear all readers .

how are you all ? hope all are fine

I am fine thanks God , Now I am half of a doctor , I passed the Third stage in the mosul medical college . and I now I am in the 4 th stage , which the simplest stage in the college as they said(I hope that )

My marks were not good as that of the last year ,

All my marks were in Good range ,except two were in the Very good range .

I think my average will be in the end of the good range .

This year was very hard for me and all my freinds too . Specially the Microbiology ,I HATE IT too much ,because every time I read it ,I forget it at once ,so I bacame in a very bad mood in the night of exam,I felt that I 'll never pass in this subject ! I began to think , If I failed in it , How I shall re read it in the summer holiday , then I thought that I did my best ,And the God will never let my effort gone . And thanks God I passed and get agood mark in it .

Also Pathology isn't an easy subject at all , but I liked it ,I like studying It ,I like looking at the slides in the microscop , And actually I think to be a specialist in it ..

We have pharmacology , this is also a very lovley subject ,I like it because the doctors who tought us were very kindly and they always tell us that we are the best students came to this college , Because all students of our stage are very clever and intellegent , and always get a high marks inspite of the hard questions . ( Actually my head became larger when I heard this impression ,hhhh....)

these three were the main subjects in the stage .

others :

we have Medicine , which in this stage only we took an introduction to the diseases of the systems , but we took a course of clinical medicine in the hospital .. there our doctor took us in the leukemic part or we can say in the heamatology part of the hospital . there the appearance of the patients is very painful ,and most of them are very poor and the drugs that they need is very expensive and may reach 600$ for single dose, and most of them couldn't take the drug regularly , so their cure rate is affected .

I with my friends collected money for those sick and poor people ,and thanks God they get a benefit from it .

If you have an intention to help those sick and poor peaple or you know any peaple want to help ,please e-mail me at to arrange that

Surgery also was only an introduction to the surgery ,actually I like it more than medicine .! I don't know why , may be the genetic factors ,hhhh!! ( my father and mother and brother are surgeons ) .

My first day in the operating room was in the last week ,my father told me that I should join him in the operations to see how the surgical operation is done and the tools that used in it .so I agreed and went , We saw a gynecologist so my father asked her If I could jion her in the operations , she agreed and I entered ,I hope that I didn't , because I couldn't bear the sight of alarge amount of blood ,and I felt a diziness and I had hypotention .! It is the first time that occur with me ,because I thought that I had a strong heart never affected by that !! .

I hate gynecology ,and I never think to be a gynecologist .

then I went with dad to the pediatric operating room , there the sight is much better than the gynecology room ,but also I 'll never become a surgeon !! .

The weather here is very hot , It passed 52 c hope not to continue rising because we can't bear more . and as you know the electricity is bad ,so we are swiming with our sweat ^__^
Now I am reading Davinci code .it is really an interesting book .
and also I am taking trials in the driving ,and I am doing well .
so leave you now . bye