Friday, September 23, 2005

Really ,I miss you !

Hellow friend

,how are you ? hope all doing fine ,I am fine thanks God
,I know that i didn't write for alonge time ,but really I don't have the time to write ,because we were prepering for a travel to Syria after my sister finished her two exam and we did ,we went to Syria for 8 days 5 days in Alleppo and 3 days in Aladiqiya,Alleppo was much nicer that aladiqiya I ,we liked Alleppo so much ,we went there with my uncle's and aunt's house ,we spent really nice time together espisialy in Salah Aldeen castle in the way between Aladiqiya and some where ,I don't know it ,we spent the 3 houres in it but it was the most thing that we had the fun we finished (the three family ) 3 films of camera , it was really really nice and we see some foriegn families there ,I didn't tell you that this place ,we found it by the way ,we see (Salah aldeen castle -8 -km) so we ask my uncle to enter it so we did ,and then we stop far away from it (5 km) and we decided to took picture in this place and we will not continue the way ,and we did ,te on man (syrian) saw us and tell us (,you didn't see the most beautiful ,it is n't here it is inside , you must continue the way untill reach the castle ,follow me and you will see ) and we did after we reach it we surprised with its building so we go upstairs and haaaaaaaad the fun .
I 'll post the photos sonn ,inshaallah

AnD in the way between alleppo and aladiqiya we saw areally nice boxes full of apple and we bought box which is full of 6 k of apple with 4 dolars i think it is cheep

And in Alleppo ,our active began at 10 oclock in the morning we went out to the suq with my aunt's family and retourn back at 2 oclock and have the lunch and then go to sleep for two houres and then went out at 6 in oclock for viewing a nice thing and for have the dinar at some restorant and go back to home at 1 oclock in the morning !!! on day after two oclock in the morning my cousins ask us to go out and take a tour in the region and we accept and went out with out our perents ,it is a strange thing here !!!!! but we have a lot of fun and we bought some chips and some choclate and we went back at 4 oclock morning ,,,it was really nice

As you know that now our schools began and now we have alot of studying and I have an exsam in Sunday ,and you can see the different between our schools and the boy's schools
my brother till now, they had two lessons only in all these days ,and we ,from the first day they gave us the books and told us that in this subject you must study for here here to here and in this subject you must read this ....and so on ,,,and my cousin till now ,they have not books

Last monday a car bomb was near our place and was avery loud explosion but thans God ,no one from the citizen had injured
I am so happy because Ramadan will come withen 10 days
ohh I forget to tell you that my sister get 90 in all subject ,but please pray for her to enter the pharmacy college

sorry for the some wrong wards (excuse me ) because I want to write fast

now I must to go because my brother want the computer ,


Yours ,Maas,