Friday, October 09, 2009


Hi all
the college started and the dtudy began and we sould do our best to get the best result
I am in the thind satge and our subjects are :
Comunity medicine

Most of them are dry and uneasy to read , but nothing is dificult of course if you do your best.
next week we aill start to go to hospital to take the practical part of the medicine and I'll tell you about my 1st visit to the hospital as a medical student

** My dad came back from France after a 40 days he spent it there ,he had nice time there with my uncle ,and got a good training ing the Pediatric Surgery ,and he bought us nice things from there (the most important at least for me ^__^)
But his way to return was not easy , The airplane fly from Lyon to Paris (stay for 3 houres )then to Milano (stay for 2 houres ) and then to Roma (stay for 1 hour) them at last to Damascus .
so this lead to that his bag didn't arrive with him at Damascus at the same time .. It arrived after 2 days !!

** before 3 days ,at about 6:00am the bell of the door rang , the army were out ,they want to cheakout the house , and also the neibourborhood was blocked ,my grand father was in our house,so I need to go to college to take lectures (Usually my father took me to college by our car ) but that day my grand father took me by a taxi to college ,It is nice to say to my friends My grand father took me to the college .hhh ^__^

see you later