Friday, August 21, 2009

To when ?

To when Iraq still bleeding ?
to when our people is dying because of nothing ?
to when our people leave their country to unknown fate?
to when our doctors leave Iraq and work ouside while their country need their work and their genius minds ?
to when the Iraqi person is very cheap , and every day many died becasue they are Iraqis ?
to when we will still wake up in the morning at a sound of car bombed ?

to when we will still sleep at a sound of shoting ?

what happened in Wdensday , no one will forget it ,
It really a bloody day , my cousin's friend who is a doctor told her that all hospitals (16) in baghdad was full of injuried people, except the dead people !! over 500 one died and 1000 one injuried
She said that It Seemed to he that it was a bad dream and she wanted to wake from it !
My mother's cousin work in tha ministry of Foreign affairs he left it befor the explosion of about 10 minute,when he heard the sound he turned back to see the fire , many many of his friends died and on of his friend's wife died ,she was bregnant in her 8 th month (her 1st pregnancy )!!
what was her guilt ? nothing but bacause she was Iraqi !!
there were many many sad events happened . that we didn't hear it
And the govornoment can condemn that happening !! what government this ? which can't provide the citizen the safety ? for what it is in the work ? only to get the money or only to steel the citizen ?

To when we will still live in this situation ?to when ? it is not a life it is a slow dying


David said...

I was so very sorry to hear of the bombings this week. I hope the Iraqi government can take the necessary measures to prevent more tragedy like this!

Sandybelle said...

I ask the same questions dr. and i hope things will be better.. i hope..

Dr.Human said...

Sandy ,
Thanks for comments

Dr.Violet said...

It's absolutely slow dying
We can do nothing!!
People killed just because they're Iraqis !!!
Ah, Allah help us !!

We still have hope ,, and our Life goes on
Please stay safe dear