Friday, March 11, 2005

The owner of the free pen ' s poem

Hi again ,how are you? sorry for make you wait for me ...In these two I had alot of exams some I did it good and some not bad but i will succed inshaallah in that before week they awarded for the first and the second and the third from each grade a prize and on of my friend was from them ..and as my friend hnk told you about our visit to Mary we visited her and she was sooo happy when she saw us

Today i will see you the poem of one of my friends who love one of the teachers sooo much she spend all the time with her and when she heard some words unclear from her ,she began to thought of her words in all the listen and try to understand these words and she wrote many poems for her and I sked her for one of her poem and she accepted ..

this is her poem :

Are we friends or Are we not?.
You told me once but I forget?.
So tell me now and tell me true ?.
So I can say ,I am here for you,
Of all friend I've ever met ,
You are the one I won't forget ,
And if I die befor you do ,
I will go to heaven ,
And wait for you .
the owner of the free pen.
for me I loved this poem about you I don't know till now .
about her name she ask me what I will call her ?Ianswer what do you want ? she told me THE OWNER OF THE FREE PEN nice name ..
and I think you heard about our great and very clean school from hnk and najma they took out the water from it and on the next day rained and the water came back and some of the girls painted some things about the school and the water that make us laugh

Before some days we heard asad story and strange story about afamily that their father had schizophrenia and in one day their uncle was sleeping with them and when he realized that the father began to kill all the family he tried to go out with the small boy ,he make the boy jumped from the wall to the street but he could n't go and he killed by the father ,I didn't know the number of the family 'person but i knew that the girl in the second year in the medical college and the small boy in the 5th class in the secondry school and he stay alife with no family ,no father ,no mother ,no sister or brother thats realy sad story

now thats enough for this post
see you later with my best wishes

note: ifound ablog from Mosul also THE NICE BOY