Monday, September 27, 2010

good bye summer holiday, not welcome studying !!

Within the few days of my holiday , I am trying to do all things that I enjoy and I don't have the time to do it during studying course ,like spending time in reading books or cooking sweety things and going outside hoe to relative's house or friends' houses ,that I can't do it ,because our study is hard and need alot off time ,
My favourite month Ramadan finished,and I spent half of it in Macca ,and it was a new experiment and a special one to spend this holy month outside my place and home .
After we returned many , we had many visiters so I was busy with them
also I was busy because the duties of the house was all on my head Ohh poor my head ^__^.because my sister had a TOEFL anf IC3 exams and she passed both of them ,also my brother passed the MRCS exam and he will aplly for the part twoo of the exam .

my small brother (actually he is not small ,he is 17 years old ) but he still s small in our eyes . he is in the 6th grade now and he should study hard , but he doesn't like studying and I should follow him and urge him on studying to get a dood marks in the final exams ,my relationship with thi brother is very special .I like him very much and I hope that he become better that me in all things and become an important man in the future.
so before he came back to the school we took him to change wether to the north and have a lunch in the most resturant he likes and went to market that he loves
I gain weight during these two weeks ,I gained 2 kilos , so now I am playing sprt to get red of them .
I 'll try to post photos of macaa and almadina in the next post if you like !!
so bye now