Monday, June 13, 2005

Salam all, how do you do?hope all fine,sorry for making you waiting but what I can dio the conection of the net was sooo bad ,about the puzzle Thank you all for sharing me this puzzle the right answer is Brown and who know the answer is (Dalia and Seun).

Now my sister is doing her exams and till now she did 3 exam but orignaly it must be 4 but when she came back from the second exam (Arabic which she didn't well in it )she couldn't study so that she didn't do the English exam and yesterday shedid a Biology exam and she didi well thanks aGod .Her exams remember me when I was doing the exams in the last year in the same time of her ,but the diffrent that I was in the 3th grade and it is n't so important like the 6th which is limited the future . That day when we came back to our home we saw a car that stroke a cow and the cow was like it take a nap on the ground and the hit from this kick .Before two days ,and when I was with my mother in her clinic to go from there to the market to buy some thing , one child came to my mother and a donkey also hit him on his eye when he was playing with him but thanks God it was far from his eye and it was also not so strong .

That day one of my friend called me and we talked about 25 minutes about the school and remember the nice stand in the school and when also when we had an exam we fear and many many thing ,and also she told me that she bought a mobile and she gave me the number ,and also we talked about the next year and how it will ,better or worse a we will be clever or not ,and also she has a brother in the same age of my sister and we talked about their exams .
Now I am reading a sad story ,it is Oliver Twist ,Last year we were studying Kipps and the next year we will study Oliver Twist and after the next year we will study Merchant of Venice .Any way this story is very nice and sad ,this Oliver is a boy and his mother died in his birth and his father died before his birth in some monthes and he bought up in a work house for the orphans .And I am readind it in my uncle's book and this book is wrote in 1983 it is older than me in 6 years and its papers became yellow any way you can ead in it ,and till now I read two chapters and I learned many many words.Yesterday in the garage of my uncle's house which is the next door to us I with my father and small brother and my cousin play a basketball ,my cousin make something like a ring in the garage and we can put the ball in it and we spent nice time and my father was the best between us because his favorit sport is the basket ball .

Now I have a new puzzle (what is the thing the you can't eat it after becoming a juice?)I think it is easy to you ..
Now I'll let you to think for this puzzle .

I have for you a nice film


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hi again..

Hi are you ??hope all do fine..sorry for not post in thesedays because I was busy with my small brother and his exams and hefinished yesterday ..oh thanks God he finish ( please pray for him to took high marks)..and there is another reson is the electricity in these days It is sooo bad It came two or three houres in the day and aslo two or three houres in the night ...oh what we can do???

The situation here is so bad the thefts came back and the kidnap....that day one man near our house who is last year his son kidnaped and the policemen came him back safelyand before week his car its type from B.M.W and the thieves ask him to left thekey in the car and go and he did that to save his life and if he didn't do that they 'll kill him and took the car's better to leave the car and save the life

that days one man who was work a policeman after the war and now he didn't work killed by unknown when he was driving in one market with his friend and the doctors found 11 bullets in his body ..I feel so sorry about him and his family ..and I realized that there isn't make you happy here !!!

Now I'll tell you what I do in the day :I wake up at 9oclock and after having small breakfast Ibagan my work with cleaning the ground and washing the dishes and preparing the Lunch(by the way in this summer holiday I knew how to cook and most of the preparin the feed is from my work) and aslo from my work is to take care from my big sister who had a bacalorai exam and I must make her doesn't feeling fear this the most hard work...

and aslo I spend my time with my cousin he is 4 years old, he is very lovely and all in our family love him ,He doesn't fear from any one only from my father ..and he can't talk with him ..and when my father talk with him I began to laugh because he doesn't know what he can do!!! that day 21/5 was his birthday and I made for him cake and another sweet ..

The day after yesterday Dad and Mam came back from their clinic and after some minutes one doctor who is in the same of their building telephoned my father and told him that he is alone in the building and the main door closed and he doesn't know what he would do...then dad told him that he has a copy from the key of the main door and he would come and help him in ten minutes then my father took us and went there and opened the door to the doctors and then we saw a family with the doctor was also in the building ..and this doctor bought the mobile before some days ,and if he didn't buy it ..what he would do? sure he will sleep in the clinic...

(I'll ask you some thing Iwant from you to pray for my sister to pass the exams with high marks she will start the 1st exam in the next week so please pray for her )....

About the puzzle the answer knew it SQUE it is to sing for the lion HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ...and he will put out it like this in this picture

I have also a puzzle "If you mix the red ,blue and yellow which color you will have ??"

Ihope all will know it