Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just talking ...!

salam all ,,
I 'll talk to you about the explosion which occured exactly infront of our college , it was 11/3 in this month It was anormal day ,as we came to the college and attend the three lectures which we have from 8-11 am , and after that each group will go to the labrotory to see the cilinical sides of the subjects .our group had a physiology lab. The lesson was about ECG how to connect the patient to the ECG machine and how to took it , the doctor was explaing to us on one of the male student in our group ..
And after we finished the connection on the machine ,we heard a car passing in high speed and making a loud horn ( it was that to make the other cars go a way from its road) and then a very loud bomb heard ,I hadn't hear a sound like this ..!!
At that a jumbed to my friend and caught her hand ,all the windows in the lab broken and thanks God all of us were a way from them ,
then a run to my bag to take the mobile phone and call my dad whose in the college , after I called him I feel much better .
Then we descend downward to see our friends , Thanks God all were safe but only one male student hurt when he was csrossing the street . I t was a horrible Day ,I'll never forget it ...!!
The lost was in the windows and in the furnture and in the cars which was in the carage of the college ,,,

20/3/2003 ...
it wast the 1st day on the war which was for the feedom(Their Special freedom) ,
and now it passes 6 years , and the results of this war is only more innocent people loss their life as a coast for the Free dom .!
Every Year came we said ,the next will be better , but no better , but it become bad ...
I relly want to live a life like other counteries , but when ?? I don't know ...

salam ,,,

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hi from Dr.Human

Hi all ,

I know you want to kill me , beause I didn't post any thing for a very long time ...

any way ,, about me ,all is good ,I am really enjoying my time in the college ,this year is easier than that before , this year I began to like the collgeg more tjan befoe , I really feel my self that I am in a medicine college..
The subjects that we study are :

Human anatomy
Human histology

the most one that I really like is Physiology ,because most of the doctors explain well .
My marks in the mid exam ,were not bad ,but I want you to pray for me from now to get higher mark in the final exam .. (;
Our summer holiday was fine ,because the preperation for the wedding of my cousin was in it ,and I make a visit to the university(the place where all the colleges there except medicine college)and I met some of my friends that I didn't see them for a long time , and also I visited two of my friend and had a good time there ...

The day 31/1/2009 was the first time for me to elect , I felt my self a big one that have a role in the life LOL ,the process and the site of election was well organised , but I can trust with the results !!

ok now thats all in my mind ..
hope to post again inshallah