Saturday, September 26, 2009

At the end of the vacation

before I start my post , I would like to tell you Happy Eid to all of us and many many return with peace and good health for all of us ..
The vacation ended quickly , but I uses it as much as I could , I had many time in reading or doing useful things . like :

# I learned how to read the Quraan with the rules of the true eadind and also I kept surat Albaqarah of about 200 ayah .
# practice my very favourite sport ,The Swiming in my uncle's house ,there is a swiming pool with depth of about 150 cm . I went there twice , I remembered my childhood , how all of us (me sister and brothers and cousins who came from baghdad each summer ) gathered in this swiming pool each summer and pass a very nice time . most of the summer we were spending it in the water ,hhh .
# practice driving a car ,Last summer my brother tought me the main rules for driving ,but this summer my father took me to try by my self in the streets ,I liked driving and I 'll try to practice it during the college too
#I learned how to cook many kind of sweets and also main dishes .
# reading about 5 books and two novels . and hope I could read more during the time of the studying
#doing some kind of sport in order to keep my weight from increasing
#made many visits for the relative and made a new frindship with new people
#Went to the north and see new nice places there
The last visit was in Aleid was about two days to Erbil ,it was really nice and well arranged and there was many new malls , we visited three one , City Mall ,Naza Mall , BRZ mall , we did shoping there (the most thing I like during travelling beside seeing the Natural views . ^__^

Erbil was very crowded ,The Journies from all Iraqi cities made it very crowded (specailly after the dificulties that face the iraqis who want to travel to syria , and the conditions to take the visa to enter Syria ) In Erbil all hotels and motels was full ,the is no empty rooms in all hotels , we seached for a place to sleep in it for about 4 houres and the search was in vain , at last my uncle call his Friend who owned a home there , he told him that he can go to the home and sleep there and cosider it as his home . thanks God we didn't sleep in the street . One of our relative went to Erbil and aslo searched for a place to sleep and he didn't find , so he went to a park and sleep in his car (Thanks God he has a car .. !!)
The wether is very nice in this time here in Mosul and aslo in Erbil , so we went to have the breakfast at the side of the river . It was the last Breakfast that I took it ,before the studying start ,because the college with strt again tomorrow ,and Now I am in the 3rd Grade ,And it is n't easy like the 2nd grade ,so I need your prayer beside my hard work to get high marks



David said...

Hi DH, I'm sorry I haven't visited recently. Thanks for thinking of me! I am ok, I just spend a lot of time doing other things on the internet besides my blog. So, let me read your new post. :)

I used to swim a lot when I was younger. I was on a swimming team in high school. My favorite stroke was the breaststroke. I'm glad you had the chance to do some swimming. :)

Good for you learning to drive! I have driven many cars, a few trucks, and a motorcycle. People in America do a lot of driving! ;)

We are having some nice weather too. Today was about 60 degrees F. It is a bit cool for this time of year, but I like it. :) I hope you continue to enjoy nice weather in Mosul.

Good luck as you begin your third year in college!

Take care.