Wednesday, November 24, 2004


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Monday, November 15, 2004

This is the pic of ALFALLUJA " this pic before the was on it and we dont know how it is now because there is no jazeera and arabiya in falluja just the camera of america"which is encountering to the bombard and countering between americans and the opposing and falluja's landmass is 8 km and sure it devation from city had a calme and the life's activity to a city of a deads and ghost

how a great EID the people of alfalluja pass and we, we can't go out from our home and if we went out we must return to home before 4:00 oclock because the curfew began and if the americans saw any one in the streets they will fire him and there are many persons came under the fire that the simple thing i can tell you because i don't know what happen out of home . and in this week there was no houre pass with out shooting or the sounds of helicopters or sounds of bombs there was no ... but today was little calme from the lasts day i hope the next days become better than the auther ..

p.s. i did nt write any thing from a long tim because i had more exams and then the week of the eid that we preapared to it that we thought the eid will be a good eid
and i want to tell you that the life in all iraq from BAD to WORSE