Thursday, September 10, 2009

They said about Iraq :::

They said about Iraq :

** the prince Abdullah Faisal of Saudi :

لولا رجال العراق لمسحت كرامة العرب

If not for the men of Iraq, the Arabs would have been deprived of their dignity a long time ago

**Hitler :

اعطني جندي عراقي وسلاح الماني وسوف اجعل اوروبا تزحف على اناملها
Give me an Iraqi soldier with a German weaponAnd I'll have Europe crawl on it's knees

**King Abduaziz of Saudi said :

العراق لا يحتاج الى رجال فرجاله اهل ثبات وحقالعراق يحتاج الى سلاح
Iraq has enough rightous men of solidarity They just need more weapons

**Henry Kessinger said :

لم اجد في حياتي اعند من رجال العراق
I've never met in my life such stubborn men like the Iraqis

**Fedel Castro said :

الامريكان حمقى لانهم احتلوا دولة شعبها لا يكل ولا يمل
Americans are fools to invade a country where its people never gets tired and never givesup

**Bill Clinton said :

صدمت بقوة وتحدي هذا الشعب المظلوم في كتب التاريخ
I was shocked with the amoumt of strength and challenge of this people, which has been subject to injustice in all times

**Ahmed Bin Billa the late president of Algeria, said:

العراق لن ينكسر دام فيه هذا الشعب الجبار
Iraq will never break as long as it has such mighty people..

nice words , I really like it .. ^__^


now I am busy in Ramadan with prayers and reading Quraan ,and cooking for al Fotoor ,
10 days and our blessed month will finish , you know I hope that the whole months are like Ramadan it it so special !!
and I am watching a program called The Quraan 's stories of The professor Amrkhaled ( ) so nice wish you can see it ..



Dr.Violet said...

"الامريكان حمقى لانهم احتلوا دولة شعبها لا "يكل ولا يمل

صدق من قال هذه الجملة

بوركتِ عزيزتي ع هذا البوست الرائع

Dr.Human said...

الله يبارك بيكِ

Billy said...

Dr. Human, is it possible for you to tell me how i can prove that those quotes are actually given to Iraq.
It would be great to have something to back me.
all the best

the-unseen said...

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mewmewmew said...

I am doing fine these days , on Friday we planned to go to Duhok ,to have a fun there , bacause we were bored from the rouin that we were living.

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