Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Turkey is a surviving experiment ::: 1

Hi all ...

Last summer ,we intended to go to Turkey ,so we got the visas , It was too easy because the turkish embassy is here in Mosul ,So when my father went to it ,and when the turkish consul knew that my father is a doctor , he agreed at once to give us the visas with out hesitation .

After we got them ,we travelled to Syria , with my uncle s's family , to attend the wedding of my cousin there . we stay there about 8 days , then my uncle return back to Mosul and we booked for a trip to Turkia with a syrian company for one week , we went by bus ,there were people from Syria and lebanon and also K.S.A we were about 25 one ..

We left Allepo at about 3 a.m and after 2 houres ,we reach the border , Actually I was surprised be the weather there ,there were a very nice air ,really refreshing .. the border was well arranged and clean ,it was reaaly the opposite of the Syrian -Iraqi border ..!!

at the border we stay about 3 houres ,after the passportof the last person of our group was cheaked , so I was very desiring to see Turkey ...

The first place that we should be in it was Marsin ,It was at about7 houres from the border so it was too long ,so we took a rest at another place between the border and Marsin it called Antakya ,we took the lunch there abd bought a sem card for the phon ,and walked about and saw the city ...our rest took about 3 houres

this is a photo from Antakya , and you can recognize the Turkish flag

To be continue

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Having breakfast on the side of the River

Hi all ..

this is a photo of the river where we were sitting

At the night we decided to have breakfast on the side of the river , so in the morning mom woke us up , and we made tea and we went to Aljami'aa ,and bought a kind of bread called KAHI , and this usually be eaten with Qeemar , a derivation of the milk (acually I dont like it!! ) at about 8:30 in the morning we reached the place and there were only 3 or 4 families ,the garcon there told us that if we came in the morning of Friday we will not find a place ..!!

this is the place when we were sitting , I took it from the boat

After we finished , we saw the boat turning around , my brother called the driver of it , and we took a lift in at about 15 minutes , the weather was really nice ..

Then my brother asked me that if I wanted to learn driving , I felt scare at first ,but mom told me that if I 'll be afraid , I will not learn .So I agreed ,and I went with my brother and drove in the park of the cars , it was a large area , I had some principle of driving ,because when my father was learning my brother ,I was listening to his notes , so I am not complete ignorant in driving!!

I like driving very much , And I don't know when the next lesson in driving will be ..!!

see you soon

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What am I now ...??

Dear all readers , how are you ? hope all are fine .

I am sure that all of you are angery of me becasue I didn't write to you for a longe time , but I was really busy with the college and the study ,. After I finished the 6th grade and get a high score that I can enter any college I want ,I chose the Medicine college , It is the one that suitable for me in every thing , the first thing is my father ,my mother and my big brother (who graduated this year ) are doctors ,so they can help me in the study and advice me and direct me to the right way , the second thing that this college is where my father works (he is a professor there) so my parents can be untrouble about me , .

I always thank God that I have a brother in the college because I can tell him the dificulties that I face it and all things ,and he gives me the advises from his experiance in the college..

(so I decided to change my nick name to Dr.Human )

Now I'll tell the subjects that we studied in this year :

1/ Anatomy :it is the most important subject in this year ,and it is the most difficult on to most students ,but for me it was not , I really enjoy study it ,we study all parts of the body in all its datails ,we have also clinical part of it ,we enter the lab. and study on corpses , the docotors of anatomy explaines to us first and then the students began to explain to each other , in this year we took ( Upper limb ,Lower Limb and Thorax ) and we will continue in the 2nd grade ( The Abdomen ,Head & Neak and pelvis )

2/ Biology : in this subject we studied the contents of the cell and the type of the cells and all things about living system ,like muscular tissues and nervous tissues ,& also there is clinical part that we enter the lab. and see by microscopes all the cells and all the tisseus .

3/Physics: we studied in it the physics of the body like forces and tension ,and the medical application on the body , the mechanism of all instruments work on tha body .

4/Chemistry : it is really nice but difficult , in this we studied all material in the body and all its reaction in the living system , like Protien ,lipid ,nucliec acid ,enzymes , i liked it very much.

5/ Physiology : in this we study the physiology of the human body ,like movement of fluid ,the action of muscles , the action of the nerves ( in the central nervous system ) , it is like an introduction to the great science of Physiology which we will take it in the 2nd grade ..

6/Foundation in medicine : in this we took the latine language which still use now a days in the treatment and dignosis , and also we took the development of the word HEALTH and Disease along the centuries . and also we took the alternative medicine which is active till now ..

7/Human Rights : in this we took the human rights in all cultures ( off course not iraq !! because the human in it deos not have any small rights ,, actually I was wandering why we study it ,if we don't have it in our country !!) and also we took it the rights of muslims to the non muslims people ..

8/Computer : we took in it the most popular programs we used in the computer like power point ,word ,front page ,,,ect ..

It is really new life in the college , I liked it ...

Note : I tried to write you this post before several days , but I had a problem in my computer ,and I fixed it ,,Thanks God ..

See YOU soon ..