Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Nice trip but hard way

Hi evrey body, how are you ???hope all are fine thanks god we did the exams and with not bad marks . may be you ask your self where I were and i will answer you that i were in SYRIA ....(i am so sorry to not tell you about the travelling) after we finished the exams and in the first day of the Eid we reached Baghdad after six hard hourses in the way and in the next day our trip began at 8 oclock in the morning in our trip from Baghdad to Aleppo in syrai we saw Abu ghreeb's prison camp i saw it so large and after that we saw ALFALLUJA ,when i saw i felt a strange feeling and liking to cry all the houses destroyed and and burning just see long line of cars out side the city wanted to enter the city and the airplanes flying above them ...
We reached the line between iraq and syria it was verey crowded and we still waiting for 5 hourse before we reached Aleppo at ten oclock there was very strong reek and the driver drove very slowly because the street was one side and the place was in mountains and we saw six cars (GMC) were stroken because of the reek and then we reached aleppo safely ,after 15hard houres .... in the scond day there was rain and we could n't go out of the home and in the the third day inspite of the rain ,my brothers an cousins went to the swimming pool and we went to the market and we the sky be clear we decided to go to the sea (in Allathiqiya) and we did ...we went and it was very nice and we spent all the days in the markets and we bought many nice things and after the election we went back to mosul in my uncle's car ..thats what i remmember about the trip..
About the school :
Thats week there was many rain and our school fulloff with the water and our school has 11 classes and all these classes ,they put it in 5 classes ..can you imagin that ???
and the school which they promose us to finish it in the first mounth of 2005 the didn't but I think it will be very nice because i see it every day from our new school and now i can see the workers and the vans and all things about the new school. And in this new class I and hnk sit on the same deck ... thats good to talk about the blogger and about the net .
any way we will go back to our bad chool in the next week ..and our bad school appeared in the TV of Mosul in the program(with out comment) it good program for our excellant school..
About my friends :
on of my friend's aunt deid last week so she seemed very sad ,when every girl askaed her what happen to you she began to cry ...i felt sorry about her ..
and other friend felt that her eyes ached her when she read ,then she decided to go to the doctor and check her eyes and she did and the doctor told her that she need to a glasses and now she waers a glass .
In one of lesson of Biology we had THE FISH and one of the girl brought a fish ,and the teacher began to explain the lesson on the fish and asked the girls ,who could take the fish and explain for the girl ??one girl stood up and took the fish from the teacher and begin to see every girl the fish she bought it for me and hnk it was small and it smels bad and some girls hate to look at the fish
I forget to tell you my marks ,it is 93,94,95,96,97,98 .....I think it is good ..right?
this post became long this is my first long post ..
now see you later good bye .....