Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just talking

hello all :
Sorry for not writing for long time ,because I am busy with the study , which is very difficut this year , we have 7 subjects and each of them is a bulky one , and need hard studying ..

I am fine ,but litle depressed because I am studying very much ,and my mark are not so high , in relation to my hard studying . so I lost the force for hard studying after mid year .!!

about the situation in Mosul is very bad ,the kidnapping and killing re appear after it disapear for a period of time , and also the theives ( who enter the houses to steel or/ and may kill the pwner of house ) also re apear , so WE ARE UNSAFE IN OUT OWN HOUSES !!!! . so we can go ? if our own house is unsafe place !!

On the 7/3/2010 , it was the day of voting ,it is the second time , that I can vote ,because now I am above 18 years . Actually I hate politics , and I dont want my head to ache me because of it , I thought not to go to the election , but then I thoght they may play with my paper and fill it with a person that we never want him .. !! so I went and gige my vote to a person after I read his C.V. on the net ,and I saw that he is an active person and has nice projects ..

I am thinking of a project to help the poor and sich projact ,afer I ' ll complet the plan of the project ,I 'll post it because this project need the nice and best peaple like you .
see you