Tuesday, July 26, 2005

new puzzle

Hi all ... today I'll have the new puzzle and I 'll talk with you my news :

this is the puzzle this is a wrong word in math. and it 'll be right by one movement for one match
so i think it is easy and you understand it ,Iknow it is not clear but i think you can see it (it is '6-2=7)

and this is my news is bad news that my father's cousin (she is 29 years old ) on her way to go to her sick aunt and a fight began between the americans and the fighters and un americans shot gun enter her head and at once she died

Thats all what I have
I only want to say to you that I am very very sad and my head is ach me very much
so I can't conitiue writing

Sad maas

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My dairy for these days ..

Hi all,I didn't write for these days because ther e is aturn to my brothers and sister because they are now in holiday so my hours to sit on the net is very little, and there was a problem in the conection of the internet and we called the company which we are on its conection and they came and prepair it for us .
finaly my sister finished her exams but the bad things that she didn't do two of the exams English and chemistry which is the question were soo hard and only few students knew to answer it,so now the work of the house is little than before because we are two to work not one .
before some days we went to one of the resturants on the river(Tigris) ,and we took the dinnar there in the time of the sundown but the bad things that i forget the camera and i didn't take a photos for these nice views ,and the numbers of the family who is visited these places is not like before ,now you must come early like 7 oclock and come back early at least 10 oclock but before we can go at any time and also come back at any time i remebered one time that we came back at 1 am ,sure that is before the war ,after thant we went to one shops of mobiles and we bought anew one ...
Before some days as you heard,there was terrrible here ,was full of bombs and explosion and so I'll talk to you what happened with me and my family ,(in the day which the bridge closed in it ) when my father and mother went to their works and every one from them in different side of the city and when my father finished his work early ,he decided to go to my mother to took her and come back to home and when he was in the left side and want to go to the other side,so he went to the first bridge was blocked ,the second also blocked ,and the third aslo blocked and then he ask a man to go to the fourth bridge but he told him that all the bridges are closed ..then he came back and tell us that today your mother wouldn't be at home ,because all the bridges are closed ,and then he called my at the work and told her to go to my uncle's house in that side and she did,so after some houres in the 8 oclock (pm) we knew that the bridge opened so we decided to go and took my mother before the bridges would closed and on our way to pass the bridge to the outher side ,we saw the americans put the roadblock in the on the bridge ,and then we arrived that side safely and took my mother and on our way to the same bridge of our coming ,so i told them to go to another bridge and then we saw cars pass the bridge so we passed in and arrive our setreet and saw the policemen put the bar in the street because there was a bus of police men destroyed near our place , saw we enter our place from differnt street but also we had to pass that sterrt to enter our home so we stay in our place for 2 houres and we couldn't arrive our home so then my father decided to go to the police men and tell them that our house is here ,and one group came near us and my father talked with them and they allow us to pass the bar ..thanks God we arrived the home safely .

Before saome days I made a chat with my cousin whi is living outside Iraq and her age only 8years old she ask me about the situation here and I answered her that the water is little and the electricity is bad then she replyed me with 'America can put the man on the moon but can offer for Iraq water and elecricity ' I realy liked these word and how this words came from a small girl .

now I am preparing for anew puzzle but not now..