Friday, May 20, 2005

hi all today i have puzzle for you :imagine your self in Afriqueand your are hung on one tree byrope and under the rope there is a candle and it is burning and it will cut the rope if it continue burning and the one chose is to make the Lion to put out the fire in the candle but HOW??? this is the puzzle . (note :I'll post the enswer after seven days). like this picture!!!!  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

this is a place near Tigris Posted by Hello

this is an old place in mosul  Posted by Hello

this is also another picture this place is near the hotel and it is very nice place and it has very nice weather inside this place there is a swimming pool for the boys  Posted by Hello

this is one of the best hotels in mosul which is now empty no one in it...and it is very good hotel which every foriegn 'person always stayed in it when they come to mosul and around it it is fence which is the americans put it when they stay in it after the war and this hotel called ninava'hotel Posted by Hello