Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Days of my life ,

In my last post .I told you that my war with the 6Th grade began ,and actually it ended before more than two months . It was not easy , I t was full of working hard and studying , I was studying very hard because I wanted to get high marks .So as soon as the schools began,my work hard began !.

The exams of the mid year came and I worked hard , but the marks weren't good , but that wasn't important , the important thing is the final exams , So I didn't care to the marks of the exams at all ,but I did care to my wrong answers so as not to do it again in the final exam .

After the holiday of the mid year we went to the school for one month , at 29/3 we stopped going to the school to start studying and preparing for the final exams , in that day we made a party at school to say good bye to each other because we may not meet again .!! It was very nice party ..

In the next day a very loud explosion heard near us ,and all the windows of my uncles' houses ( next door to us ) broke for the first time since the war started .

And from that my hard work began with studying and reading very carefully because I should get high marks , I was studying from 12 -14 hours a day , every day I wake at 7 o'clock at morning and have the breakfast alone , because If I took it with the family i would wast my time ,so i used to take it with my self (poor me ?)

and study to 1 o'clock after my parents and brothers and sister came back from their work and colleges and school and then chat with them a little bit and take the lunch and sleep for one hour and then study from 4 o'clock to 8 pm and then have the dinner and take a rest at the net ,and the study from 10 to 11 and some time to 12 and then sleep ..

to be continue ..


Monday, September 10, 2007

I am still alive .!!

Hello all , I want to tell you that I am still alive ,and I was busy with study in the past time , and I get a very high score ,this mean that my studying was good ,thanks God .

I 'll try to write a post telling you what happened with me in these months , becasue I t wasn't easy to me ..