Thursday, February 23, 2006

Report for few days .!

salam all

I know I didn't write for along time ,i am so sorry ,but realy i didn't find the time to write ,and the electricity is too bad these days.any way i am here now!!

by the way ,today I have the time because it is holiday because of bad happenings in Samarraa and to the mousques in Baghdad ,It is realy bad ,we ask the God to get better in the future..
The holiday passed quickly and we began studying and I recieved my mark of the mid.year exams,It was good all the merk was over 95 ,and I took two 100 ,one in biology and the other in chemist ,actually I had never dreamed to get one 10 in any subject ,but thanks god i got ,and my grade was 5th as the master told me .

The situation here is realy bad ,It is from bad to worst ,the title of all news here in Iraq (KILLED ,KIDNAPED,ARRESTED) It is realy news make the one cry and not want to life ,the kidnapment of the doctors increased ,in this month till now 4 doctors kidnapment ,and another one (pharmacist) ,I began worry about my father and I asked him to find a job out of Iraq .

before some days ,my mother's cousin arrested by the USA forces ,for which reason?no one know !!
Beside that the killing is also increased we can't get the number who killed .
Yesterday when my sister called her friend she told her that her cousin disappeared ,disappeared??yes disappeared and no one know any thing about him !
so now after these good news about the situation here ,what is your feelings??!!!!!


before two weeks I visited the dentist ,because my teeth in bad case (caries) so she made me one (from 4)and after 20 days she gave me a time of visit to complete the others .

today we went out of home ,we decided to go to have the lunch in a resturant but the bad luck of us ,the ways were closed so my father bought for us a sandwiches(take away )and we ate at home !but It was a good taste .and also I bout for my frien a gift because her birthday will be in the next week

In 1/3 in the next week will be the day of the teacher ,so we will have a party in the school ,there is no study no exam .I hope we will enjoy in that day