Saturday, September 26, 2009

At the end of the vacation

before I start my post , I would like to tell you Happy Eid to all of us and many many return with peace and good health for all of us ..
The vacation ended quickly , but I uses it as much as I could , I had many time in reading or doing useful things . like :

# I learned how to read the Quraan with the rules of the true eadind and also I kept surat Albaqarah of about 200 ayah .
# practice my very favourite sport ,The Swiming in my uncle's house ,there is a swiming pool with depth of about 150 cm . I went there twice , I remembered my childhood , how all of us (me sister and brothers and cousins who came from baghdad each summer ) gathered in this swiming pool each summer and pass a very nice time . most of the summer we were spending it in the water ,hhh .
# practice driving a car ,Last summer my brother tought me the main rules for driving ,but this summer my father took me to try by my self in the streets ,I liked driving and I 'll try to practice it during the college too
#I learned how to cook many kind of sweets and also main dishes .
# reading about 5 books and two novels . and hope I could read more during the time of the studying
#doing some kind of sport in order to keep my weight from increasing
#made many visits for the relative and made a new frindship with new people
#Went to the north and see new nice places there
The last visit was in Aleid was about two days to Erbil ,it was really nice and well arranged and there was many new malls , we visited three one , City Mall ,Naza Mall , BRZ mall , we did shoping there (the most thing I like during travelling beside seeing the Natural views . ^__^

Erbil was very crowded ,The Journies from all Iraqi cities made it very crowded (specailly after the dificulties that face the iraqis who want to travel to syria , and the conditions to take the visa to enter Syria ) In Erbil all hotels and motels was full ,the is no empty rooms in all hotels , we seached for a place to sleep in it for about 4 houres and the search was in vain , at last my uncle call his Friend who owned a home there , he told him that he can go to the home and sleep there and cosider it as his home . thanks God we didn't sleep in the street . One of our relative went to Erbil and aslo searched for a place to sleep and he didn't find , so he went to a park and sleep in his car (Thanks God he has a car .. !!)
The wether is very nice in this time here in Mosul and aslo in Erbil , so we went to have the breakfast at the side of the river . It was the last Breakfast that I took it ,before the studying start ,because the college with strt again tomorrow ,and Now I am in the 3rd Grade ,And it is n't easy like the 2nd grade ,so I need your prayer beside my hard work to get high marks


Thursday, September 10, 2009

They said about Iraq :::

They said about Iraq :

** the prince Abdullah Faisal of Saudi :

لولا رجال العراق لمسحت كرامة العرب

If not for the men of Iraq, the Arabs would have been deprived of their dignity a long time ago

**Hitler :

اعطني جندي عراقي وسلاح الماني وسوف اجعل اوروبا تزحف على اناملها
Give me an Iraqi soldier with a German weaponAnd I'll have Europe crawl on it's knees

**King Abduaziz of Saudi said :

العراق لا يحتاج الى رجال فرجاله اهل ثبات وحقالعراق يحتاج الى سلاح
Iraq has enough rightous men of solidarity They just need more weapons

**Henry Kessinger said :

لم اجد في حياتي اعند من رجال العراق
I've never met in my life such stubborn men like the Iraqis

**Fedel Castro said :

الامريكان حمقى لانهم احتلوا دولة شعبها لا يكل ولا يمل
Americans are fools to invade a country where its people never gets tired and never givesup

**Bill Clinton said :

صدمت بقوة وتحدي هذا الشعب المظلوم في كتب التاريخ
I was shocked with the amoumt of strength and challenge of this people, which has been subject to injustice in all times

**Ahmed Bin Billa the late president of Algeria, said:

العراق لن ينكسر دام فيه هذا الشعب الجبار
Iraq will never break as long as it has such mighty people..

nice words , I really like it .. ^__^


now I am busy in Ramadan with prayers and reading Quraan ,and cooking for al Fotoor ,
10 days and our blessed month will finish , you know I hope that the whole months are like Ramadan it it so special !!
and I am watching a program called The Quraan 's stories of The professor Amrkhaled ( ) so nice wish you can see it ..


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hi all ,

today is the 11th day of the blessed Ramadan , the month of Quraan and prayer ,

you can read more about it in

we fast from sunrise to sunset ,about 15 hours . it is not easy for the persons who has no faith in his heart

all muslims should love and respect this month, the month of mercy ,the month of gifts from Allah to his adorers.

I ask allah to help all muslims in the fasting and prayers in this blessed month .

I with & my sister used to make al Fotor instead of my mom who is come back from tha work tierd ,so me an my sister help each other to make a good Fotor .

This is the 1 st Ramadan we are spending without my father who is in the France now with my uncle to train about the new thing in the Peadiatric surgery ,and with out my brother who is now a resident doctor in the hospital,and he comes from the hospital each 2 or 3 days to sleep one a day in the home and then come back


before two days at about 5:45pm ,a bomb heard in the main street of our neighbour , it was really srtong , and then shoting began ,my brother was in the street washing the car , when I heard it ,I run to the main door of our house to see my brother , he was running in a hurry to enter the house he told me that the bomb was in the main street , then at about 3:00am the time of al sohor , the I raqi soldiers came to cheak the houses ,and the looked that they were looking for some one or some thing ... I don't know . but we were nervous , because no one have the right to enter your house and at that time !!!
in the next two day they also came to cheak the house and in the same time , I dont know to when , our houses will still open for strange peaple !!! what do they think ? the one who made the bomb will come to our house to hide in our house ?? I don't know how they think !!