Sunday, August 09, 2009

nice day

Hi all

I am doing fine these days , on Friday we planned to go to Duhok ,to have a fun there , bacause we were bored from the rouin that we were living.

so we left Mosul at about 8:30 am , we passed arrived there at about 10:00 am, there is many cheak points on the road , we shoul pass the road within one houre or less than that , but these cheak point took a lot of time .
any way , we arrived there ,and we went to the motel to take a suit,this is the motel

it was well arranged this is my room with my sisiter in this motel

then we went to Sarsank , it is a place on the in the mountain , we did some shopng when my father went to the mosque to do Al Jumaa prayer , ,then we went back to city center, had a tour there , and bought some local fruits , because here in Mosul , all kinds of fruit is imported and most of it is dealed with chemical material ,so we bought from there the natural fruit.
Then we went to a resturant called Malta , to take the lunch I tokk Lahm b3ageen , it was so large I couldn't finish it , This resturant in one of the best resturant ,and off course It has high prices . this is the garden of the resturant

After we took the lunch , we went to a market called maximall , a market for clothes , we bought a clothes for me and my sister and also we bought a goft for my cousin who is graduated this year from the pharmacy college .
Then we went to the Dream city ,which is a game city , there is many games ,and some of it are scary game like this !!

This game it Tried it last time I visited dream city, but with my big brther who sit near me ,it is very scary ,because it has a very high height and then it descend with a high speed , it make your heart STOP !! but this time I felt afraid because my brother wasn't with us

this is another game but it wasn't work this time , but I tried it last time it is also very scary but in the same time very amusing ,I tried it with my brother .

This is the other game , but i see it for children and I don't like it , because it make my head ache me

After we left dream city we went to Sad Duhok , and had a tour there and went back to the motel , near the motel there were a shop for sweet it has a very nice sweet, we bought some and ate it in the shop and I took these pictures for some nice sweet

and then we went to the motel ,

In the morning we came to the this shop again (actually we love it !)and bought a kind of sweet which was absent in the day before it is called cheese cake it was very very delicious

then we wnt to the coty center and make some shoping, and then directed toward mosul .reached it at about 3:00pm

It was nice days ,I hope we will spend another nice days

,now I 'll go to prepare the dinner

see you


Sandybelle said...

Dr. ,congratulations for the very wonderful times you spent.. i envy you ;) lol..
no ,really, you deserve it, and i wish you more and more of joy and pleasant.

you had lahm b3ajeen? unfortunately, i dont like it!!
every time we visit duhok, we go to Shandukha resturant, the soap they offer there is very delicious, and i always ask for Maqli meal..

cheese cake seems amazing, to be honest, i am so weak with cake, lol.. الف عافيه
i think next time i visit duhok, i should try it..

Best wishes and be safe.:) :) :)

Dr.Human said...

Hi sandy
I like Lahm b3ajeen very much , and some time we did it at home ,
I told them to go and try shandohka ,but my small brother insited to go to Malta
Cheese cake was really amazing , I wished that I took another two peices !!
الله يعافيكي عيوني

monalisa said...

sounds like an fun filled day.. the cheesecake looks delicious =)

Dr.Human said...

salam monalisa
yes it is ver delicious

Dr.Violet said...

you reminded me of duhok ,
God blesh ya dear
I'm glad you had fun there
Stay safe

Dr.Human said...

Thanks for comment
وكل عام وانتي بخير

David said...

Hi DH :)

I'm glad to see your pictures from Duhok. It looks like you had a fun time and ate some delicious food. :)

I would like to teach you a few new English words. In America, we would call a place like Dream City an "Amusement Park". The thing you got on that carried you high and dropped you at high speed is called a "ride". The thing for children that looks like a big wheel is called a "Farris Wheel". I hope you don't mind me sharing some new words with you.

Dr.Human said...

Hi David
Thanks for comment
And thanks for these words , I 'll keep them in my mind
thanks agian

mewmewmew said...

I am doing fine these days , on Friday we planned to go to Duhok ,to have a fun there , bacause we were bored from the rouin that we were living.

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