Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dr.Human in the kitchen,,

Hi Again ,

Now I am writing to you from the kichen (hhhh...),actualy I like cooking so much ,ans specialy when I have free time ,I used to go toward the kitchen and start to find a simple thing to do in the cooking books , I have many books ,and some are of my mother , she ,also had a mood in cooking .

I liked to make sweet more than main dishes ,

the 1 st dish I'll talk about it is my special cake .. :)

I learned to make it sincle I was 14 years old , I made it each week ,because me and my family kile to eat a sweet things specialy with the tea

and this second one is a kind of bread we call it Krwasan , actually I don't made alot of it , because it take long time to be ready ..about 3 houres and I want to do an easy thing

This 3rd one is a main dish ,I made it with the help of my sisiter ,who like to make a maindishes more than me ,this is Makarona bilbashamel , I like it very much

hope you enjooy this tour in Dr'Human kitchen ,

By the way ,we had an earthquake in last saturday ,it last about 3 secs ,I t was the 1st time that I saw a thing like that , it is a horrible thing .!!

see you soon



Sandybelle said...

Thank God for your safety during the earthquake.

Everything seems greatly delicious, wowwww. but maybe i cant eat like it :(, im going on a diet; however, i will prepare the same for my sisters. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks Dr.
be safe

Dr.Human said...

Hi sandy
welcome, you can eat very little , just to taste .
Thanks for visit

attawie said...

This looks yummy!

I'm not on a diet and I'm glad to taste some of everything in here :)

It turned out you are a good chef too! and this is such a cute blog, the colours are so soothing :)

حمداً لله على سلامتكم :)

David said...

Hi DH :)

Your cake looks very tasty! Is it a chocolate cake?

Your bread looks a bit like a large biscuit. I like to eat biscuits with some fruit preserves. I have a machine that bakes a loaf of bread. I have not used it for a few years, but it makes very tasty bread. You just pour in the ingredients, turn the machine on, and let it do all the work. In a few hours, there is a fresh baked loaf ready to eat. :)

Your Makarona bilbashamel reminds me of a Chinese eggroll. Do you stuff your rolls with anything like vegetables or meat?

Sorry to hear of the earthquake. I hope that no one was hurt. I felt an earthquake for the first time a few years ago. I just heard a lot of rattling noise for a few seconds, then it was quiet again. Fortunately, it was a small earthquake with minor damage and no one seriously hurt.

Dr.Human said...

I 'm a chef? not like you off course
الله يسلمك
thanks for comment

it is not a choclate cake , but if you love it ,I'll make one and post its photo as a gift for you don't worry

about the machine ,we have one , and we tried to make a loaf by it many time bu tit fail ,but the other kind of bread didn't fail ,I don't know the cause of fail !!
The earthquake was slight not strong ,so there weren't any loss thanks God

jyoti said...

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Ershad said...

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Take care
Thank you