Monday, July 06, 2009

A 10 days of holiday

HI all

how are you ? hope all fine ...

the past week , my exams finished and the holiday start ..

The period of exams was very long , It last for about 40 days ..I really felt tired ,

I studied very hard , I slept a 6 hours per day . And also I lost weight about 2 kilos (It is good for me ) !!

these 10 days of holiday made me more tired , because I spent it in cleaning the house with my sister and my mother , we make a total cleaning , like windows and walls and lights ,,,ect ..

And also I made some sweets like a cake and trivel ,but I had no mood for taking pictures for it ..but nexts time I 'll take for it and post it ..

Also I was invited for a wedding of some friends , I spent nice time there ,It was well arranged and organised ,and I met some friends there so I enjoyed there .

My result announced today , yesterday I went to the college from the 8 a.m , and they told us that it will announce in the 1 pm ,so I waited there till the 1 pm , at 1 pm ,the told us that they

didn't finish it ,and it will be announced in the nexts morning ,the waiting very hard in these moments !! I returned to the home very tired .

And this morning I went to the college and asked for the time that it will be announce in 2 hours ( this time they gave us the right time !!) and when the time arrived my heart began to beat very fast ,I know that I 'll pass but I dont know why I was very worry !!

and then I recieve my marks :

Physiology : Very good

Anatomy : very good

Biochemistry :very good

Embryology :very good

Histology :very good

Democracy : Excelent

I expect all these markes , I hope It will be better next years inshallah ..


Khalid from said...

Dear Iraqi Doctor,

Congratulation for your brilliant success!

Congratulation on your high ranking!

It seems your're Excelent at Democracy, no doubt you're a real demcrat! Just have a name and you can say whatever you like in here, no moderation has been enabled.

Have a nice Holiday,

Dr.Human said...

Hi khalid ,and nice to see you visit my blog .
thanks for your congratulation and encourage ,
about the democracy , You know we are the best country on democracy ( as they said ) !! looool

thanks for visit agian


monalisa said...

congratulations on the gr8 marks..
inshallah you'll do as good next year or even better
~peace from saudi arabia

David said...

Hello DH,

Do you like your new nickname? It sounds like a name to me, so I hope you don't mind if I call you DH.

Congratulations on finishing your exams! Your marks are very high, so you must have been studying very hard. It is interesting to me that you have a class in Democracy. Are all the students in your university required to study democracy?

You should definitely post pictures of your cake. I love cake! :D

I hope you enjoy your holiday! :)

Take care.

Dr.Human said...

Monalisa :Thanks for your comment and encouragement ,Nice to see you in my blog .
Keep visiting .

David :
You can call me what you want ,I don't mind if you call me DH or MAAS , so as you like !!
Thanks for your congratulations
About democracy ,in our universoty and in all college , all should study democracy !
I' ll post inshallah pictures of my cakes
The holiday is still not bad ..