Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hi from Dr.Human

Hi all ,

I know you want to kill me , beause I didn't post any thing for a very long time ...

any way ,, about me ,all is good ,I am really enjoying my time in the college ,this year is easier than that before , this year I began to like the collgeg more tjan befoe , I really feel my self that I am in a medicine college..
The subjects that we study are :

Human anatomy
Human histology

the most one that I really like is Physiology ,because most of the doctors explain well .
My marks in the mid exam ,were not bad ,but I want you to pray for me from now to get higher mark in the final exam .. (;
Our summer holiday was fine ,because the preperation for the wedding of my cousin was in it ,and I make a visit to the university(the place where all the colleges there except medicine college)and I met some of my friends that I didn't see them for a long time , and also I visited two of my friend and had a good time there ...

The day 31/1/2009 was the first time for me to elect , I felt my self a big one that have a role in the life LOL ,the process and the site of election was well organised , but I can trust with the results !!

ok now thats all in my mind ..
hope to post again inshallah



David said...

Hi Maas,

No, I am not mad at you for not posting. I am glad you have come back! :)

It sounds like you are really learning about medicine now. You will be a doctor in a few years. I wish you good luck with your classes and exams. Also, I really hope you will continue to enjoy what you are learning!

Congratulations on voting for the first time! I hope you can vote many more times in the future and help to elect some good people who will help all Iraqis to have a better future.

Thanks for letting me know about your new post. :) I hope you will post again soon. I need a new post too! ;)

Take care.

Dr.Human said...

Thanks David for you comment ,
Yes I am really learning about medicine .

I'll post tomorrow inshallah