Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Turkey is a surviving experiment ::: 1

Hi all ...

Last summer ,we intended to go to Turkey ,so we got the visas , It was too easy because the turkish embassy is here in Mosul ,So when my father went to it ,and when the turkish consul knew that my father is a doctor , he agreed at once to give us the visas with out hesitation .

After we got them ,we travelled to Syria , with my uncle s's family , to attend the wedding of my cousin there . we stay there about 8 days , then my uncle return back to Mosul and we booked for a trip to Turkia with a syrian company for one week , we went by bus ,there were people from Syria and lebanon and also K.S.A we were about 25 one ..

We left Allepo at about 3 a.m and after 2 houres ,we reach the border , Actually I was surprised be the weather there ,there were a very nice air ,really refreshing .. the border was well arranged and clean ,it was reaaly the opposite of the Syrian -Iraqi border ..!!

at the border we stay about 3 houres ,after the passportof the last person of our group was cheaked , so I was very desiring to see Turkey ...

The first place that we should be in it was Marsin ,It was at about7 houres from the border so it was too long ,so we took a rest at another place between the border and Marsin it called Antakya ,we took the lunch there abd bought a sem card for the phon ,and walked about and saw the city ...our rest took about 3 houres

this is a photo from Antakya , and you can recognize the Turkish flag

To be continue


David said...

Hi Maas, I am very sorry to be so late to comment. I haven't visited your blog in a long time. Turkey seems to be a popular vacation destination for residents of Mosul. Najma and Hnk went there recently too (I'm sure you talked to them all about it). Did you have a difficult time also with your tour company? Najma's description of all the trouble they had made me feel a bit sad. I hope your tour was much easier! So, what did you see in Turkey?

Dr.Human said...

Hi David ..
Yes Hnk told me about thier trip ..
I 'll write the place we visited there ,soon we I 'll have the time to do ..

you welcome david

Bursa Daily Photo said...

Hello and thanks for your visit to BDP! I hope you liked Turkey and hope we will be able to read about the rest of your visit soon...
Greetings from Bursa!

David said...

I wish you a Happy Ramadan Maas, and I look forward to reading more about your trip. :)

Jan said...

great that you still post (once in a year :) ). Hopefully you can bnlog more often because we're all anxious to hear from you.
Also we live in a hectic era.

Promise, we hear from you soon!

take care