Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just talking ...!

salam all ,,
I 'll talk to you about the explosion which occured exactly infront of our college , it was 11/3 in this month It was anormal day ,as we came to the college and attend the three lectures which we have from 8-11 am , and after that each group will go to the labrotory to see the cilinical sides of the subjects .our group had a physiology lab. The lesson was about ECG how to connect the patient to the ECG machine and how to took it , the doctor was explaing to us on one of the male student in our group ..
And after we finished the connection on the machine ,we heard a car passing in high speed and making a loud horn ( it was that to make the other cars go a way from its road) and then a very loud bomb heard ,I hadn't hear a sound like this ..!!
At that a jumbed to my friend and caught her hand ,all the windows in the lab broken and thanks God all of us were a way from them ,
then a run to my bag to take the mobile phone and call my dad whose in the college , after I called him I feel much better .
Then we descend downward to see our friends , Thanks God all were safe but only one male student hurt when he was csrossing the street . I t was a horrible Day ,I'll never forget it ...!!
The lost was in the windows and in the furnture and in the cars which was in the carage of the college ,,,

20/3/2003 ...
it wast the 1st day on the war which was for the feedom(Their Special freedom) ,
and now it passes 6 years , and the results of this war is only more innocent people loss their life as a coast for the Free dom .!
Every Year came we said ,the next will be better , but no better , but it become bad ...
I relly want to live a life like other counteries , but when ?? I don't know ...

salam ,,,


Jan said...

You are a brave girl living in a dangerous world. It's a miracle that you can go to college and get your grade with so much tension a fear. You must have much potential to get your grade as a doctor. If you are one than you can't stop practising your profession. People need you.

Even in the more decadent free world we need doctors.

Do you know now how the ECG-machine works and what you can learn from the ECG-reading?
Did you already have the EEG-machine?
I can imagine that in a warzone like Mosul hospitals have many people with brain injuries.

I'm a little bit proud that previous comment of me made you write again.

Go on writing!

If you see najma and Hnk, greet them from me as just a blogger.

Take care dr. Human.

Dr.Human said...

Jan :
Thank a lot for you encouragment ,

About ECG ,yes I know how to take it but off course not like professional !! I just know the main principle of it ..
About ECG I don't have one in the home :( .. but in the hospital off course we have many of it ..

recently many new machines of ECG and other machines bought by the governement to the hospitals here in Mosul .
Thanks for comment .


David said...

Hi Maas,

I'm really sorry to hear about the explosion, but I'm glad that no one was killed.

I have heard that Mosul is one of the more dangerous parts of Iraq these days. I really wish that all of Iraq will be much safer soon! I have said that every year for five years. I truly hope it will be true this year.

Speaking of ECG, I have had that test several times. Fortunately, my heart has a healthy rhythm most of the time. Occasionally, I get an unusual rhythm, but I am pretty sure the cause is potassium deficiency, because after I drink orange juice, my heart beats regularly again. Sometimes I have the problem when I eat a lot of sodium in certain foods. Other times, if I work very hard outdoors in the heat, I have the problem. But, if I hydrate myself well before working, I am usually ok.