Saturday, January 28, 2006

Finishing ,,,

Dear all readers ,how are you ?Hope all are in good health ..

About me ,I am fine and relay tired for studying and exams .I don't till now that I am in holiday ,and there is no studying for two weeks . I am so happy because that..

Today one my way from school to home ,I had many things to write it all here ,but now my mind is empty !!!

My exams were not easy,the only exam I did good in it is English ,May be the questions weren't hard or I studied good may be ..I don't know..In all the days of exams Ididn't sleep good,in every day I sleep from 11:30 to 4:30 or 5:00 when I finished the subject that I had the exam in it ,,It's relay hard days ..

Before two days ,my sister had a lecon in a subject (NETWORK in the Engineering college ) out of home . When my mother and father went to bring her ,on their way they saw groups of policemen ,so they took the right side and stop then they flew them and (there was 150-200 m far from them )one of the car bombed and the policemen began to shoot every on in the street ,so they shot my family with three bullets .But thanks God it didn't come near my family ,,and then my father entered to a street beside them and saw a man twho was my father's friend and the stayed in thier house for 2houres (from 5 to 7 o'clock).Thanks God they arrived home safely.

The holiday began,I want to make something special in this holiday ,like what ?I don't know
but I 'll try to find.

I want to write more ,but I don't have things to write ,may be I'll have tomorrow

see you


H.N.K said...

Hi mass.
I hope you'll have a good and happy holiday.
Best wishes
and take care of yourself

David said...

Dear Maas,
I am glad that you have a new post! :) I am very sorry to hear about the danger to your family. I am relieved that they are all safe! I hope that you will enjoy your holiday from school. I would really like to hear about the special thing that you will make. :) Take care and please write again soon!

Libby said...

Well maas, I'm not surprised you did well in your English exam. :)
It was lucky your parents found a friend to stay with when they were in danger.
I look forward to reading some more from you soon.

maas said...

Hi HNK,glad to see you here ,I hope to you a happy holiday too

Hi David,thanks for your kind comment

thanks libby.I 'll post soon

الخاتون said...

Wow, I see your life is always in a risk.
May God help you all