Monday, November 07, 2005


Hiiiiiiiiiii all, how are you? hope all do fine ,I am good thanks God .

Ramadan passed and the Eid ened all passed safely ,thanks good ,the Eid was better than that Eiddd
we spent nice time in it .

Today 7/11/2005,I finished 16 years and I entered 17 ,today is my birthday
Happy birthday to mee

I 'll post a post next time inshaa llah


Saturday, October 08, 2005

salam again

Hi all ,How are you ? hope all fine ..I am fine but busy with the exams and home work ,and I didn't do well in the exams ,I don't know why ! I studied the subject very good but in the exams when I want to remember what I studied ,but I couldn't ,any way what can I do ,

These are the photos which I promised you ,all these photo os SALAH ALDEEN CASTLE
one from inside the castle and the other from out side and one far way from it

thats all

see you


Friday, September 23, 2005

Really ,I miss you !

Hellow friend

,how are you ? hope all doing fine ,I am fine thanks God
,I know that i didn't write for alonge time ,but really I don't have the time to write ,because we were prepering for a travel to Syria after my sister finished her two exam and we did ,we went to Syria for 8 days 5 days in Alleppo and 3 days in Aladiqiya,Alleppo was much nicer that aladiqiya I ,we liked Alleppo so much ,we went there with my uncle's and aunt's house ,we spent really nice time together espisialy in Salah Aldeen castle in the way between Aladiqiya and some where ,I don't know it ,we spent the 3 houres in it but it was the most thing that we had the fun we finished (the three family ) 3 films of camera , it was really really nice and we see some foriegn families there ,I didn't tell you that this place ,we found it by the way ,we see (Salah aldeen castle -8 -km) so we ask my uncle to enter it so we did ,and then we stop far away from it (5 km) and we decided to took picture in this place and we will not continue the way ,and we did ,te on man (syrian) saw us and tell us (,you didn't see the most beautiful ,it is n't here it is inside , you must continue the way untill reach the castle ,follow me and you will see ) and we did after we reach it we surprised with its building so we go upstairs and haaaaaaaad the fun .
I 'll post the photos sonn ,inshaallah

AnD in the way between alleppo and aladiqiya we saw areally nice boxes full of apple and we bought box which is full of 6 k of apple with 4 dolars i think it is cheep

And in Alleppo ,our active began at 10 oclock in the morning we went out to the suq with my aunt's family and retourn back at 2 oclock and have the lunch and then go to sleep for two houres and then went out at 6 in oclock for viewing a nice thing and for have the dinar at some restorant and go back to home at 1 oclock in the morning !!! on day after two oclock in the morning my cousins ask us to go out and take a tour in the region and we accept and went out with out our perents ,it is a strange thing here !!!!! but we have a lot of fun and we bought some chips and some choclate and we went back at 4 oclock morning ,,,it was really nice

As you know that now our schools began and now we have alot of studying and I have an exsam in Sunday ,and you can see the different between our schools and the boy's schools
my brother till now, they had two lessons only in all these days ,and we ,from the first day they gave us the books and told us that in this subject you must study for here here to here and in this subject you must read this ....and so on ,,,and my cousin till now ,they have not books

Last monday a car bomb was near our place and was avery loud explosion but thans God ,no one from the citizen had injured
I am so happy because Ramadan will come withen 10 days
ohh I forget to tell you that my sister get 90 in all subject ,but please pray for her to enter the pharmacy college

sorry for the some wrong wards (excuse me ) because I want to write fast

now I must to go because my brother want the computer ,


Yours ,Maas,

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mars is going to be the second moon for the Earth



The Red Planet (MARS) is about to be spectacular! This month and next, Earth is catching up with Mars in an encounter that will culminate in the closest approach between the two planets in recorded history.

The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. Due to the way Jupiter's gravity tugs on Mars and perturbs its orbit, astronomers can only be certain that Mars has not come this close to Earth in the last 5,000 years, but it may be as long as 60,000 years before it happens again.

The encounter will culminate on August 27th when Mars comes to within 34,649,589 miles of Earth and will be (next to the moon) the brightest object in the night sky. It will attain a magnitude of - 2.9 and will appear 25.11 arc seconds wide. By August 27, Mars will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. Mars will be easy to spot.

At the beginning of August it will rise in the east at 10p.m. and reach its azimuth at about 3 a.m. by the end of August when the two planets are closest, Mars will rise at nightfall and reach its highest point in the sky at 12: 30a.m. That's pretty convenient to see something that no human being has seen in recorded history. So, mark your calendar at the beginning of August to see Mars grow progressively brighter and brighter throughout the month.

Share this with your family, friends, children and grandchildren

see you soon

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

new puzzle

Hi all ... today I'll have the new puzzle and I 'll talk with you my news :

this is the puzzle this is a wrong word in math. and it 'll be right by one movement for one match
so i think it is easy and you understand it ,Iknow it is not clear but i think you can see it (it is '6-2=7)

and this is my news is bad news that my father's cousin (she is 29 years old ) on her way to go to her sick aunt and a fight began between the americans and the fighters and un americans shot gun enter her head and at once she died

Thats all what I have
I only want to say to you that I am very very sad and my head is ach me very much
so I can't conitiue writing

Sad maas

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My dairy for these days ..

Hi all,I didn't write for these days because ther e is aturn to my brothers and sister because they are now in holiday so my hours to sit on the net is very little, and there was a problem in the conection of the internet and we called the company which we are on its conection and they came and prepair it for us .
finaly my sister finished her exams but the bad things that she didn't do two of the exams English and chemistry which is the question were soo hard and only few students knew to answer it,so now the work of the house is little than before because we are two to work not one .
before some days we went to one of the resturants on the river(Tigris) ,and we took the dinnar there in the time of the sundown but the bad things that i forget the camera and i didn't take a photos for these nice views ,and the numbers of the family who is visited these places is not like before ,now you must come early like 7 oclock and come back early at least 10 oclock but before we can go at any time and also come back at any time i remebered one time that we came back at 1 am ,sure that is before the war ,after thant we went to one shops of mobiles and we bought anew one ...
Before some days as you heard,there was terrrible here ,was full of bombs and explosion and so I'll talk to you what happened with me and my family ,(in the day which the bridge closed in it ) when my father and mother went to their works and every one from them in different side of the city and when my father finished his work early ,he decided to go to my mother to took her and come back to home and when he was in the left side and want to go to the other side,so he went to the first bridge was blocked ,the second also blocked ,and the third aslo blocked and then he ask a man to go to the fourth bridge but he told him that all the bridges are closed ..then he came back and tell us that today your mother wouldn't be at home ,because all the bridges are closed ,and then he called my at the work and told her to go to my uncle's house in that side and she did,so after some houres in the 8 oclock (pm) we knew that the bridge opened so we decided to go and took my mother before the bridges would closed and on our way to pass the bridge to the outher side ,we saw the americans put the roadblock in the on the bridge ,and then we arrived that side safely and took my mother and on our way to the same bridge of our coming ,so i told them to go to another bridge and then we saw cars pass the bridge so we passed in and arrive our setreet and saw the policemen put the bar in the street because there was a bus of police men destroyed near our place , saw we enter our place from differnt street but also we had to pass that sterrt to enter our home so we stay in our place for 2 houres and we couldn't arrive our home so then my father decided to go to the police men and tell them that our house is here ,and one group came near us and my father talked with them and they allow us to pass the bar ..thanks God we arrived the home safely .

Before saome days I made a chat with my cousin whi is living outside Iraq and her age only 8years old she ask me about the situation here and I answered her that the water is little and the electricity is bad then she replyed me with 'America can put the man on the moon but can offer for Iraq water and elecricity ' I realy liked these word and how this words came from a small girl .

now I am preparing for anew puzzle but not now..

Monday, June 13, 2005

Salam all, how do you do?hope all fine,sorry for making you waiting but what I can dio the conection of the net was sooo bad ,about the puzzle Thank you all for sharing me this puzzle the right answer is Brown and who know the answer is (Dalia and Seun).

Now my sister is doing her exams and till now she did 3 exam but orignaly it must be 4 but when she came back from the second exam (Arabic which she didn't well in it )she couldn't study so that she didn't do the English exam and yesterday shedid a Biology exam and she didi well thanks aGod .Her exams remember me when I was doing the exams in the last year in the same time of her ,but the diffrent that I was in the 3th grade and it is n't so important like the 6th which is limited the future . That day when we came back to our home we saw a car that stroke a cow and the cow was like it take a nap on the ground and the hit from this kick .Before two days ,and when I was with my mother in her clinic to go from there to the market to buy some thing , one child came to my mother and a donkey also hit him on his eye when he was playing with him but thanks God it was far from his eye and it was also not so strong .

That day one of my friend called me and we talked about 25 minutes about the school and remember the nice stand in the school and when also when we had an exam we fear and many many thing ,and also she told me that she bought a mobile and she gave me the number ,and also we talked about the next year and how it will ,better or worse a we will be clever or not ,and also she has a brother in the same age of my sister and we talked about their exams .
Now I am reading a sad story ,it is Oliver Twist ,Last year we were studying Kipps and the next year we will study Oliver Twist and after the next year we will study Merchant of Venice .Any way this story is very nice and sad ,this Oliver is a boy and his mother died in his birth and his father died before his birth in some monthes and he bought up in a work house for the orphans .And I am readind it in my uncle's book and this book is wrote in 1983 it is older than me in 6 years and its papers became yellow any way you can ead in it ,and till now I read two chapters and I learned many many words.Yesterday in the garage of my uncle's house which is the next door to us I with my father and small brother and my cousin play a basketball ,my cousin make something like a ring in the garage and we can put the ball in it and we spent nice time and my father was the best between us because his favorit sport is the basket ball .

Now I have a new puzzle (what is the thing the you can't eat it after becoming a juice?)I think it is easy to you ..
Now I'll let you to think for this puzzle .

I have for you a nice film


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hi again..

Hi are you ??hope all do fine..sorry for not post in thesedays because I was busy with my small brother and his exams and hefinished yesterday ..oh thanks God he finish ( please pray for him to took high marks)..and there is another reson is the electricity in these days It is sooo bad It came two or three houres in the day and aslo two or three houres in the night ...oh what we can do???

The situation here is so bad the thefts came back and the kidnap....that day one man near our house who is last year his son kidnaped and the policemen came him back safelyand before week his car its type from B.M.W and the thieves ask him to left thekey in the car and go and he did that to save his life and if he didn't do that they 'll kill him and took the car's better to leave the car and save the life

that days one man who was work a policeman after the war and now he didn't work killed by unknown when he was driving in one market with his friend and the doctors found 11 bullets in his body ..I feel so sorry about him and his family ..and I realized that there isn't make you happy here !!!

Now I'll tell you what I do in the day :I wake up at 9oclock and after having small breakfast Ibagan my work with cleaning the ground and washing the dishes and preparing the Lunch(by the way in this summer holiday I knew how to cook and most of the preparin the feed is from my work) and aslo from my work is to take care from my big sister who had a bacalorai exam and I must make her doesn't feeling fear this the most hard work...

and aslo I spend my time with my cousin he is 4 years old, he is very lovely and all in our family love him ,He doesn't fear from any one only from my father ..and he can't talk with him ..and when my father talk with him I began to laugh because he doesn't know what he can do!!! that day 21/5 was his birthday and I made for him cake and another sweet ..

The day after yesterday Dad and Mam came back from their clinic and after some minutes one doctor who is in the same of their building telephoned my father and told him that he is alone in the building and the main door closed and he doesn't know what he would do...then dad told him that he has a copy from the key of the main door and he would come and help him in ten minutes then my father took us and went there and opened the door to the doctors and then we saw a family with the doctor was also in the building ..and this doctor bought the mobile before some days ,and if he didn't buy it ..what he would do? sure he will sleep in the clinic...

(I'll ask you some thing Iwant from you to pray for my sister to pass the exams with high marks she will start the 1st exam in the next week so please pray for her )....

About the puzzle the answer knew it SQUE it is to sing for the lion HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ...and he will put out it like this in this picture

I have also a puzzle "If you mix the red ,blue and yellow which color you will have ??"

Ihope all will know it

Friday, May 20, 2005

hi all today i have puzzle for you :imagine your self in Afriqueand your are hung on one tree byrope and under the rope there is a candle and it is burning and it will cut the rope if it continue burning and the one chose is to make the Lion to put out the fire in the candle but HOW??? this is the puzzle . (note :I'll post the enswer after seven days). like this picture!!!!  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

this is a place near Tigris Posted by Hello

this is an old place in mosul  Posted by Hello

this is also another picture this place is near the hotel and it is very nice place and it has very nice weather inside this place there is a swimming pool for the boys  Posted by Hello

this is one of the best hotels in mosul which is now empty no one in it...and it is very good hotel which every foriegn 'person always stayed in it when they come to mosul and around it it is fence which is the americans put it when they stay in it after the war and this hotel called ninava'hotel Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005


HI all are you ? hope all fine ....
i didn't post in these day because i hadn't a enough time and the electrisity is so bad ...
from today i won't go to school because all my marks over 90(acutally over 95 but the rules want over 90) and i won't do the final exam ...wooooow how how it is nice... .and you won't do the exams ...
we were 8 who won't do the final exams in all the lessons but today a new 2 girls added and now we are 10from our class only ...
for my success my parents sked me about the present which i want it ..but till now i don't

in these days many things happened father travelled to the south of france and he spent 25 nice days there with my uncle who lives there and he bought for us many things all are very nice ...

and in that week we made a party for the leave of the girls who get 90 in all her lessons and we left the class very at abad state and today from the morning some of the girls made all thing as it was..

and also in the last was the birthday of the prophet mohemmed(PBUH) as the immigration year . and we recieved many sweets for this occasion and also recieved many sms...
Now and because i am in holiday and all my brothers and my sister are studying mother ask me to learn and teach my small brother (12 years old) and he doesn't studying till the ask him to study mother has alot of sufferance from him he is very different than me and my big brother and sister

Now I am thinking of taking asome pictures of mu city Mosul and put them in the blog is agood idea ..huh??
in the car which drive us to the school there are 4 girls three from the same school (which i am from them) and the other girl from another school..and i saw this girl didn't come for 3 or4 days in the 5th day my freind told me that the girl's sister died of a cancer in her leg because on day she was near abig bomb and that hurt her and before her death in some days her leg cut but that not prevent the death...... and the girl still doesn't go to school .

my friend bagan with her blog,,she and her two sisters this is the adress best3sister

see you SOON

Friday, March 11, 2005

The owner of the free pen ' s poem

Hi again ,how are you? sorry for make you wait for me ...In these two I had alot of exams some I did it good and some not bad but i will succed inshaallah in that before week they awarded for the first and the second and the third from each grade a prize and on of my friend was from them ..and as my friend hnk told you about our visit to Mary we visited her and she was sooo happy when she saw us

Today i will see you the poem of one of my friends who love one of the teachers sooo much she spend all the time with her and when she heard some words unclear from her ,she began to thought of her words in all the listen and try to understand these words and she wrote many poems for her and I sked her for one of her poem and she accepted ..

this is her poem :

Are we friends or Are we not?.
You told me once but I forget?.
So tell me now and tell me true ?.
So I can say ,I am here for you,
Of all friend I've ever met ,
You are the one I won't forget ,
And if I die befor you do ,
I will go to heaven ,
And wait for you .
the owner of the free pen.
for me I loved this poem about you I don't know till now .
about her name she ask me what I will call her ?Ianswer what do you want ? she told me THE OWNER OF THE FREE PEN nice name ..
and I think you heard about our great and very clean school from hnk and najma they took out the water from it and on the next day rained and the water came back and some of the girls painted some things about the school and the water that make us laugh

Before some days we heard asad story and strange story about afamily that their father had schizophrenia and in one day their uncle was sleeping with them and when he realized that the father began to kill all the family he tried to go out with the small boy ,he make the boy jumped from the wall to the street but he could n't go and he killed by the father ,I didn't know the number of the family 'person but i knew that the girl in the second year in the medical college and the small boy in the 5th class in the secondry school and he stay alife with no family ,no father ,no mother ,no sister or brother thats realy sad story

now thats enough for this post
see you later with my best wishes

note: ifound ablog from Mosul also THE NICE BOY

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Nice trip but hard way

Hi evrey body, how are you ???hope all are fine thanks god we did the exams and with not bad marks . may be you ask your self where I were and i will answer you that i were in SYRIA ....(i am so sorry to not tell you about the travelling) after we finished the exams and in the first day of the Eid we reached Baghdad after six hard hourses in the way and in the next day our trip began at 8 oclock in the morning in our trip from Baghdad to Aleppo in syrai we saw Abu ghreeb's prison camp i saw it so large and after that we saw ALFALLUJA ,when i saw i felt a strange feeling and liking to cry all the houses destroyed and and burning just see long line of cars out side the city wanted to enter the city and the airplanes flying above them ...
We reached the line between iraq and syria it was verey crowded and we still waiting for 5 hourse before we reached Aleppo at ten oclock there was very strong reek and the driver drove very slowly because the street was one side and the place was in mountains and we saw six cars (GMC) were stroken because of the reek and then we reached aleppo safely ,after 15hard houres .... in the scond day there was rain and we could n't go out of the home and in the the third day inspite of the rain ,my brothers an cousins went to the swimming pool and we went to the market and we the sky be clear we decided to go to the sea (in Allathiqiya) and we did ...we went and it was very nice and we spent all the days in the markets and we bought many nice things and after the election we went back to mosul in my uncle's car ..thats what i remmember about the trip..
About the school :
Thats week there was many rain and our school fulloff with the water and our school has 11 classes and all these classes ,they put it in 5 classes ..can you imagin that ???
and the school which they promose us to finish it in the first mounth of 2005 the didn't but I think it will be very nice because i see it every day from our new school and now i can see the workers and the vans and all things about the new school. And in this new class I and hnk sit on the same deck ... thats good to talk about the blogger and about the net .
any way we will go back to our bad chool in the next week ..and our bad school appeared in the TV of Mosul in the program(with out comment) it good program for our excellant school..
About my friends :
on of my friend's aunt deid last week so she seemed very sad ,when every girl askaed her what happen to you she began to cry ...i felt sorry about her ..
and other friend felt that her eyes ached her when she read ,then she decided to go to the doctor and check her eyes and she did and the doctor told her that she need to a glasses and now she waers a glass .
In one of lesson of Biology we had THE FISH and one of the girl brought a fish ,and the teacher began to explain the lesson on the fish and asked the girls ,who could take the fish and explain for the girl ??one girl stood up and took the fish from the teacher and begin to see every girl the fish she bought it for me and hnk it was small and it smels bad and some girls hate to look at the fish
I forget to tell you my marks ,it is 93,94,95,96,97,98 .....I think it is good ..right?
this post became long this is my first long post ..
now see you later good bye .....

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

hellow evry body i will stop pst for 15 days so you have to wait for me because i 'll have many exams
I am very afraid from the exams hope i 'll do well
now i must go to study
see you later
good bye

hellow evry body i will stop pst for 15 days so you have to wait for me because i 'll have many exams
I am very afraid from the exams hope i 'll do well
now i must go to study
see you later
good bye