Tuesday, January 04, 2005

hellow evry body i will stop pst for 15 days so you have to wait for me because i 'll have many exams
I am very afraid from the exams hope i 'll do well
now i must go to study
see you later
good bye


Mad Canuck said...

Hi maas,

Like I wrote on hnk's blog the other day, just remember that blogging is fun, but it won't pay the bills. How well you do on your exams today can determine if you get into university in a few years, and what you get to study, which will determine the career you can get into after you graduate. It's a critical time you're in now that can set the direction for the rest of your life.

I wish you the best of luck on your exams, and I'll look forward to your next post when they're over.


ritaline said...

Hi Maas
I hope you do it good.You do not have to be so nervous,it will show if you have studied,and I
think you are a girl who is allways (well,almost
allways...) working hard for school.
Doing the best you can (really the best you can)
is good enough.
Toi Toi to you (that is what they say to an artist
who is going to perform,it means "Good Luck").
Good Luck to you,Maas,I will think of you!

Haffee said...

Hey Mass! Il7amdilah your okay! seriously i was worried about you and hnk, and seeing you post again makes me sigh a sigh of relief! . Do all your best in your exams! and dont be like me! i never knew their value until my senior year!. But its alright now! All the best!

Fayrouz said...

Glad to hear from you.

I knew you were busy with mid-year exams. I hope you do well with your exams.

Stay safe.

ritaline said...

Hi Maas,

Do not forget to eat good and sleep well.Exams nowadays are much more difficult than 20 years ago,and you had to study under bad circumstances.I hope the best for you!!!

ritaline said...

Selamat Hari Raya,Maas.

ritaline said...

Hi Maas,
Tomorrow is election-day in your country.I pray
everything will go allright.I hope you stay at home,probably your parents will not allow you to go out.There is a new curfew,I follow it on television.
Let us hope things will go better now !!!Stay safe,Maas!!!

Mad Canuck said...

Hi Maas,

I know you haven't posted for a while, but I just wanted to let you know we haven't forgotten you. I am glad to read on hnk's blog that you are okay.

I hope all goes well with the election tomorrow, and that you and your family stay safe.


Jan said...

Hi Maas,
I heard from your friend Hnk that your are okay.
Can you confirm that?

Did your relatives have had the chance to vote?
How do you feel it that your people have the chance to vote freely, without pressure. The insurgents try you not to vote. But if you choose you can choose anyone you want.
Maybe you think different, what's your opinion on this?
Hnk was a little depressed in the last posting. She blames the US and allies for the bad situation. It's understandeable.

I hope we hear from you.

Stay strong Maas,

John, Holland

ritaline said...

Hi Maas,where are you??? Your exams must be over by now.Tired of blogging???Please tell me something...

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