Monday, November 07, 2005


Hiiiiiiiiiii all, how are you? hope all do fine ,I am good thanks God .

Ramadan passed and the Eid ened all passed safely ,thanks good ,the Eid was better than that Eiddd
we spent nice time in it .

Today 7/11/2005,I finished 16 years and I entered 17 ,today is my birthday
Happy birthday to mee

I 'll post a post next time inshaa llah



Libby said...

Happy Birthday, maas!!
Good luck for the coming year.


David said...

Dear Maas,

Happy Birthday!! :)) I hope this next year will bring you happiness and success! I am glad that you had a good Eid. I am well, thanks for asking. :) Guess what? I wrote a new post that was inspired by Hnk! She wrote in her blog that she received a list of questions from Najma. She answered the questions and then asked a few friends to also answer the questions. She asked me (and you too!), so I wrote my new post to answer her questions. I hope that you will enjoy reading my answers. :)

jarvenpa said...

I have noticed your blog mentioned at David and Raghda's sites, and finally came over. I love the flower you have near your name, where some people put their own photos. And I do add my birthday wishes to you; you are born the same year as my youngest child. He's a boy, but as they say in this country, a "special" child, with Down Syndrome. So, though he tells me he will soon be all grown up, in many ways he acts much younger than others his age. I hope it will be a year of safety and joy for you.

Jan said...

more then a month ago you had your birthday.... Enjoy being 17..... It won't be there again...

Good luck a hapiness in next year..and remember we all think about you and your friends..

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to u;)

shawnbencon2787 said...

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