Sunday, October 03, 2004


Yesrerday was (2-10-2004\ saterday) ,we bagan our schools we felt hope to enter our school and see in it new deskes ,the floor clean ,anew fans , lighs or anything gave us something to study or do the home works ,nothing the next year......

O. K . in the first day we received the books seven from it was new and the other was old because they had n't all the books new .and not all of the student girls)was came to the school because they become panic-stricken from the condition which we live in it

many of school here in Iraq are near a police station on center of the Iraqi's army because this resons many of fathers changed theirson's schools to another schools searching about the peace or they beacame panic-stricken on their children fpom the bombs which may be happen to the police .

the first subject which we take it was in English we took a talking in the "distinction" and how we can perceive the person from another and we took some reading "the market " and thats all in this day


Mad Canuck said...

Hi Maas,

Good luck in school. Glad to hear you got decent textbooks. What subjects are you taking?


maas said...

Hi Shawn i took all the subjects but some from them are very old and i dont love to study in it but what i can do ??? nothing they told us that our naw book will arrive in the next weeks but i dont belive them


Anonymous said...

hello maas it is no wonder that everybody is panic-stricken in your country,your parents will certainly be so.and no new things in school also! that's a very beautiful photo of the city MEKKA, surely one day you will get in Belgium we have no war,but we (most of us) have not such a strong faith that can help us.bless your family and your friends,and all good Iraqi people. from ritaline,from the photopages

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