Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Days of my life ,

In my last post .I told you that my war with the 6Th grade began ,and actually it ended before more than two months . It was not easy , I t was full of working hard and studying , I was studying very hard because I wanted to get high marks .So as soon as the schools began,my work hard began !.

The exams of the mid year came and I worked hard , but the marks weren't good , but that wasn't important , the important thing is the final exams , So I didn't care to the marks of the exams at all ,but I did care to my wrong answers so as not to do it again in the final exam .

After the holiday of the mid year we went to the school for one month , at 29/3 we stopped going to the school to start studying and preparing for the final exams , in that day we made a party at school to say good bye to each other because we may not meet again .!! It was very nice party ..

In the next day a very loud explosion heard near us ,and all the windows of my uncles' houses ( next door to us ) broke for the first time since the war started .

And from that my hard work began with studying and reading very carefully because I should get high marks , I was studying from 12 -14 hours a day , every day I wake at 7 o'clock at morning and have the breakfast alone , because If I took it with the family i would wast my time ,so i used to take it with my self (poor me ?)

and study to 1 o'clock after my parents and brothers and sister came back from their work and colleges and school and then chat with them a little bit and take the lunch and sleep for one hour and then study from 4 o'clock to 8 pm and then have the dinner and take a rest at the net ,and the study from 10 to 11 and some time to 12 and then sleep ..

to be continue ..



David said...

You are a very dedicated student Maas! I never studied so many hours in a day. I hope that you are learning some interesting things. So, what is your favorite subject? When I was in High School, my favorite subject was Latin. Learning the language was not so much fun, but my teacher would tell us many stories about mythology and Roman History. That is what I really enjoyed. She was my favorite teacher. :)

maas said...

Welcome David ,Yea I was studying so many hours that time because it was very important time to choose my future
My Favourite Subject was the French ,I like French so much and the teacher of french is very cool and I love her so much ,I was clever in French ,but the mark in the final exam wasn't well
welcome again

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Jan said...

hey reporter how are you doing??