Thursday, October 05, 2006


Hello all,how do you do all? I am fine alhamdo lilah.

I know that I didn't write for longe time ,that because I was studying during the summer holiday 5 subjects to prepare for the 6th grade and Finished them all but I felt relly tierd .

There was bad event in this summer holiday ,(hnk told you about that ) IN 14/7 from this year which was Friday (which Muslims used to go the Friday prayes in the time of afternoon prayer )In that day my father was invited at his friend house to have lunch with many others doctors after doing friday prayer so at 3p.m Aunt N uncle K's wife (they are living in Baghdad )called dad when he was taking the lunch at his friend house and told him the uncle K died in bomb in the mosque where he was doing the prayer with his father in law (Aunt N's father ) It was avery hard news to my father (a wife of one doctors who was there told my mother that the doctors there ,offered to my father that the would drive him home because they saw the effects of that bad news ,but Dad refused),so my father called my mother and told her to prepare her self to take her and went to my grand father house to tell him about my uncle(when my mam told us I didn't believe and start to cry and I was going to a lecture of English but I can't go and my tears full of tears I would not understand anything because my mind think of what heppened ) ,and in their way grandfa'shouse my father called my uncle uncle H and told him what happened and ask him to start talking about the news there ,and when they reached there uncle H had them and they saw all there crying and didn't believe what heppened .

And in that days the situation in Baghdad was bad ,and we should bring my uncle 's body here to bury it here so my garand father prevented my uncles to go to Baghdad and bring it becasue of the bad case so they asked one of the drivers who is working in the way between mosul and baghdad to go there and bring it with Aunt N ,Uncle K's son was here in mosul from the begining of the holiday he is 14 years old and the bigest of his brothers and sister ,It was really gard day to all the family .

After that my uncle R called from out side Iraq and I think he felt that there is a strange thing had happened so my father told him what had happened (one of uncle R's friendstold us that when uncle R heard that sad news he closed the door of his flate and unlocked his mobile for three days 'he is very kindhearter ') So he asked my father to bring my grand mother and grand father to Syrai to see them after the heppening so in 30/7 we went to syrai and met uncle R and spent nice time there .And we star there fore 17 days ,I felt so happy to see uncle R
after 8 years because I love his personality so much and I really hope to see him again soon

my war wuth the 6th grade started from 2weeks and I must be more stronge to win the war with high marks .I need your prayer to win this war
Now we are in Ramadan this is the best month in the year ,I love this month soo much because I feel that I can conrol my self. from eating and drinking for 14 houres .And after Ramadan we will be in Al ieed inshallah .

ok now I must go now

See ya ,


David said...

Hi Maas! I was very happy to see your comment at my blog! :) I have been worried about you. I heard about your uncle from Hnk's blog. I send you my heart felt condolances. It seems that every one of my friends in Iraq has lost a loved one, or a friend. I wish for peace in Iraq every day!

I wish you the best of luck to make good marks in the 6th grade! Also, I hope that you and your family will enjoy the rest of your Ramadan celebration.

Maas, do you have an email address? Could you send it to me? I would like to keep up with you more often. Here is my email address:

Take care :)

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rebelBodhi said...

Great blog, an interesting read.

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petetow said...

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sbackl said...

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kimberly sayer said...

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