Saturday, September 18, 2004

This pic was taken for the Sun and the scientists found on the Sun writing it is (AHAD ) one of the names of ALLAH this name means THE ONE yasubhan allah Posted by Hello


Seun said...

hey mass, its seun here!!
thanks for the post but its not mine its a monet, who is a famous artist, hes fantastic, i paint too, but i could never paint as well as him.
oh and whats happend to your blog, some of the links arent working and the links seem to be everywere, i'll cheak it out for you, and see if i can giev you a tip on it
byeee tc xxx

Seun said...

i see the problem, on you links, make sure the address starts with " and ends with" ong some of them , it only ends with a "

you have also put you links in the wrong area, on the template, they need to be just above were it seys "end of side bar" or something close to that, i hope this helped, and i hope i explained well


What? said...

Hello maas

Is this name a last name or first name? and if it is a first name is it a girls name? Is this a common name in Iraq? (If you don't know a "last name" is the family name.)

Believe it or not, I am an American from the state of Minnesota and my last name is Maas? My anscestors by that last name are Northern European.

What? said...
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