Monday, September 27, 2010

good bye summer holiday, not welcome studying !!

Within the few days of my holiday , I am trying to do all things that I enjoy and I don't have the time to do it during studying course ,like spending time in reading books or cooking sweety things and going outside hoe to relative's house or friends' houses ,that I can't do it ,because our study is hard and need alot off time ,
My favourite month Ramadan finished,and I spent half of it in Macca ,and it was a new experiment and a special one to spend this holy month outside my place and home .
After we returned many , we had many visiters so I was busy with them
also I was busy because the duties of the house was all on my head Ohh poor my head ^__^.because my sister had a TOEFL anf IC3 exams and she passed both of them ,also my brother passed the MRCS exam and he will aplly for the part twoo of the exam .

my small brother (actually he is not small ,he is 17 years old ) but he still s small in our eyes . he is in the 6th grade now and he should study hard , but he doesn't like studying and I should follow him and urge him on studying to get a dood marks in the final exams ,my relationship with thi brother is very special .I like him very much and I hope that he become better that me in all things and become an important man in the future.
so before he came back to the school we took him to change wether to the north and have a lunch in the most resturant he likes and went to market that he loves
I gain weight during these two weeks ,I gained 2 kilos , so now I am playing sprt to get red of them .
I 'll try to post photos of macaa and almadina in the next post if you like !!
so bye now

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Salam all .
For any one missed me here , I tell him that I am ok , And I was in the holy place Maccah in KSA for the first two weeks of the holy month ramadan .

just for information .^__^

Now we are busy with the visiters .
so I 'll write to you about my lovely trip inshallah


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sure you forget me .!!

Dear all readers .

how are you all ? hope all are fine

I am fine thanks God , Now I am half of a doctor , I passed the Third stage in the mosul medical college . and I now I am in the 4 th stage , which the simplest stage in the college as they said(I hope that )

My marks were not good as that of the last year ,

All my marks were in Good range ,except two were in the Very good range .

I think my average will be in the end of the good range .

This year was very hard for me and all my freinds too . Specially the Microbiology ,I HATE IT too much ,because every time I read it ,I forget it at once ,so I bacame in a very bad mood in the night of exam,I felt that I 'll never pass in this subject ! I began to think , If I failed in it , How I shall re read it in the summer holiday , then I thought that I did my best ,And the God will never let my effort gone . And thanks God I passed and get agood mark in it .

Also Pathology isn't an easy subject at all , but I liked it ,I like studying It ,I like looking at the slides in the microscop , And actually I think to be a specialist in it ..

We have pharmacology , this is also a very lovley subject ,I like it because the doctors who tought us were very kindly and they always tell us that we are the best students came to this college , Because all students of our stage are very clever and intellegent , and always get a high marks inspite of the hard questions . ( Actually my head became larger when I heard this impression ,hhhh....)

these three were the main subjects in the stage .

others :

we have Medicine , which in this stage only we took an introduction to the diseases of the systems , but we took a course of clinical medicine in the hospital .. there our doctor took us in the leukemic part or we can say in the heamatology part of the hospital . there the appearance of the patients is very painful ,and most of them are very poor and the drugs that they need is very expensive and may reach 600$ for single dose, and most of them couldn't take the drug regularly , so their cure rate is affected .

I with my friends collected money for those sick and poor people ,and thanks God they get a benefit from it .

If you have an intention to help those sick and poor peaple or you know any peaple want to help ,please e-mail me at to arrange that

Surgery also was only an introduction to the surgery ,actually I like it more than medicine .! I don't know why , may be the genetic factors ,hhhh!! ( my father and mother and brother are surgeons ) .

My first day in the operating room was in the last week ,my father told me that I should join him in the operations to see how the surgical operation is done and the tools that used in it .so I agreed and went , We saw a gynecologist so my father asked her If I could jion her in the operations , she agreed and I entered ,I hope that I didn't , because I couldn't bear the sight of alarge amount of blood ,and I felt a diziness and I had hypotention .! It is the first time that occur with me ,because I thought that I had a strong heart never affected by that !! .

I hate gynecology ,and I never think to be a gynecologist .

then I went with dad to the pediatric operating room , there the sight is much better than the gynecology room ,but also I 'll never become a surgeon !! .

The weather here is very hot , It passed 52 c hope not to continue rising because we can't bear more . and as you know the electricity is bad ,so we are swiming with our sweat ^__^
Now I am reading Davinci code .it is really an interesting book .
and also I am taking trials in the driving ,and I am doing well .
so leave you now . bye

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just talking

hello all :
Sorry for not writing for long time ,because I am busy with the study , which is very difficut this year , we have 7 subjects and each of them is a bulky one , and need hard studying ..

I am fine ,but litle depressed because I am studying very much ,and my mark are not so high , in relation to my hard studying . so I lost the force for hard studying after mid year .!!

about the situation in Mosul is very bad ,the kidnapping and killing re appear after it disapear for a period of time , and also the theives ( who enter the houses to steel or/ and may kill the pwner of house ) also re apear , so WE ARE UNSAFE IN OUT OWN HOUSES !!!! . so we can go ? if our own house is unsafe place !!

On the 7/3/2010 , it was the day of voting ,it is the second time , that I can vote ,because now I am above 18 years . Actually I hate politics , and I dont want my head to ache me because of it , I thought not to go to the election , but then I thoght they may play with my paper and fill it with a person that we never want him .. !! so I went and gige my vote to a person after I read his C.V. on the net ,and I saw that he is an active person and has nice projects ..

I am thinking of a project to help the poor and sich projact ,afer I ' ll complet the plan of the project ,I 'll post it because this project need the nice and best peaple like you .
see you

Friday, October 09, 2009


Hi all
the college started and the dtudy began and we sould do our best to get the best result
I am in the thind satge and our subjects are :
Comunity medicine

Most of them are dry and uneasy to read , but nothing is dificult of course if you do your best.
next week we aill start to go to hospital to take the practical part of the medicine and I'll tell you about my 1st visit to the hospital as a medical student

** My dad came back from France after a 40 days he spent it there ,he had nice time there with my uncle ,and got a good training ing the Pediatric Surgery ,and he bought us nice things from there (the most important at least for me ^__^)
But his way to return was not easy , The airplane fly from Lyon to Paris (stay for 3 houres )then to Milano (stay for 2 houres ) and then to Roma (stay for 1 hour) them at last to Damascus .
so this lead to that his bag didn't arrive with him at Damascus at the same time .. It arrived after 2 days !!

** before 3 days ,at about 6:00am the bell of the door rang , the army were out ,they want to cheakout the house , and also the neibourborhood was blocked ,my grand father was in our house,so I need to go to college to take lectures (Usually my father took me to college by our car ) but that day my grand father took me by a taxi to college ,It is nice to say to my friends My grand father took me to the college .hhh ^__^

see you later

Saturday, September 26, 2009

At the end of the vacation

before I start my post , I would like to tell you Happy Eid to all of us and many many return with peace and good health for all of us ..
The vacation ended quickly , but I uses it as much as I could , I had many time in reading or doing useful things . like :

# I learned how to read the Quraan with the rules of the true eadind and also I kept surat Albaqarah of about 200 ayah .
# practice my very favourite sport ,The Swiming in my uncle's house ,there is a swiming pool with depth of about 150 cm . I went there twice , I remembered my childhood , how all of us (me sister and brothers and cousins who came from baghdad each summer ) gathered in this swiming pool each summer and pass a very nice time . most of the summer we were spending it in the water ,hhh .
# practice driving a car ,Last summer my brother tought me the main rules for driving ,but this summer my father took me to try by my self in the streets ,I liked driving and I 'll try to practice it during the college too
#I learned how to cook many kind of sweets and also main dishes .
# reading about 5 books and two novels . and hope I could read more during the time of the studying
#doing some kind of sport in order to keep my weight from increasing
#made many visits for the relative and made a new frindship with new people
#Went to the north and see new nice places there
The last visit was in Aleid was about two days to Erbil ,it was really nice and well arranged and there was many new malls , we visited three one , City Mall ,Naza Mall , BRZ mall , we did shoping there (the most thing I like during travelling beside seeing the Natural views . ^__^

Erbil was very crowded ,The Journies from all Iraqi cities made it very crowded (specailly after the dificulties that face the iraqis who want to travel to syria , and the conditions to take the visa to enter Syria ) In Erbil all hotels and motels was full ,the is no empty rooms in all hotels , we seached for a place to sleep in it for about 4 houres and the search was in vain , at last my uncle call his Friend who owned a home there , he told him that he can go to the home and sleep there and cosider it as his home . thanks God we didn't sleep in the street . One of our relative went to Erbil and aslo searched for a place to sleep and he didn't find , so he went to a park and sleep in his car (Thanks God he has a car .. !!)
The wether is very nice in this time here in Mosul and aslo in Erbil , so we went to have the breakfast at the side of the river . It was the last Breakfast that I took it ,before the studying start ,because the college with strt again tomorrow ,and Now I am in the 3rd Grade ,And it is n't easy like the 2nd grade ,so I need your prayer beside my hard work to get high marks


Thursday, September 10, 2009

They said about Iraq :::

They said about Iraq :

** the prince Abdullah Faisal of Saudi :

لولا رجال العراق لمسحت كرامة العرب

If not for the men of Iraq, the Arabs would have been deprived of their dignity a long time ago

**Hitler :

اعطني جندي عراقي وسلاح الماني وسوف اجعل اوروبا تزحف على اناملها
Give me an Iraqi soldier with a German weaponAnd I'll have Europe crawl on it's knees

**King Abduaziz of Saudi said :

العراق لا يحتاج الى رجال فرجاله اهل ثبات وحقالعراق يحتاج الى سلاح
Iraq has enough rightous men of solidarity They just need more weapons

**Henry Kessinger said :

لم اجد في حياتي اعند من رجال العراق
I've never met in my life such stubborn men like the Iraqis

**Fedel Castro said :

الامريكان حمقى لانهم احتلوا دولة شعبها لا يكل ولا يمل
Americans are fools to invade a country where its people never gets tired and never givesup

**Bill Clinton said :

صدمت بقوة وتحدي هذا الشعب المظلوم في كتب التاريخ
I was shocked with the amoumt of strength and challenge of this people, which has been subject to injustice in all times

**Ahmed Bin Billa the late president of Algeria, said:

العراق لن ينكسر دام فيه هذا الشعب الجبار
Iraq will never break as long as it has such mighty people..

nice words , I really like it .. ^__^


now I am busy in Ramadan with prayers and reading Quraan ,and cooking for al Fotoor ,
10 days and our blessed month will finish , you know I hope that the whole months are like Ramadan it it so special !!
and I am watching a program called The Quraan 's stories of The professor Amrkhaled ( ) so nice wish you can see it ..